That Place Where Dreams and Reality Meet

Not only did I have a fantastic Christmas surrounded by people I love, not only am I pregnant again, but all my dreams are coming true.

I should probably tell you that my dreams are very small.

I just wanted my husband to get accepted to an engineering program at a good school.

Check – University of Missouri in Columbia. Classes begin in one week.

I just wanted to have my own home – we found a home two miles from campus and we move in tomorrow.

I just wanted a really nice blender to make green drinks – daily – and you can now be just as surprised as me…last week, one brand new Vitamix blender came in the mail…addressed to me.

and no, I didn’t ordered it for myself – a best friend and sister sent it to me.

I couldn’t have possibly reached these dreams/goals in life were it not for my loving family and a generous God.

I am so grateful for the many things I’ve been given and it reminds me that although we work and make choices for ourselves – we are all beggers and God is the giver of all that we have, including the people in our life.

Thanks be to God for making my dreams my reality.

I’ll post photos of the new house soon.

3 thoughts on “That Place Where Dreams and Reality Meet

  1. I know your’re really excited, but I’m going to miss you guys : ‘( However, I’m glad your dreams came true and hope that someday mine will too : D

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