Prioritizing With My Dad Over Texting

Me:  I’m fighting the urge to get out my credit card….it wouldn’t be responsible, I think.


Dad: (paraphrasing here) I’m buying 4 Dexter [cows] this month


Dad: If we go to the UK, it should at least be warming up! Which it is not at the moment…so put that idea on the back burner for a while.


Dad: Watching Jane Austen DVD’s will be cheaper


Me: Hahaha, Jane Austen DVD’s. Well, if you could swing [the cost of the trip while we are there]…maybe I could wait enough tables to buy two tickets 🙂 hahaha, but seriously.

Aunt Maggie
Aunt Maggie

WE are both ready if we needed to be.

People actually Live in a beautiful town like this???? want.

I say that because my Dad’s aunt lives in England and her health is not well [“and your family… is in good health?” no, not at all Mr Darcy, my Aunt Margaret is not well.]

Moody skies over Stirling, Scotland.
Moody skies over Stirling, Scotland.

But seeing as how I’m due to deliver a baby in August, really the only sensible time for me to go is in the next few months – April would really be the best, but I’m willing to go in May too Dad.




Listen to me, I sound like my almost two year old.

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