How Was Your Sunday Evening? This Was Ours…

No photos on this post, just a quick update.

What is life without a few trials?

It seems that one of Dan’s life trials, school, has not been easy – it’s not class that is the problem – it’s the actual school. Is it just Missouri schools? We don’t know, but sometimes I wonder.

Last night, Danny got online for MU’s blackboard to look up something for his class….when he noticed he wasn’t enrolled for any classes.

He started to panic and told me what he was seeing. I was the voice of calm, telling him it must be some misunderstanding and that everything would be fine in the morning.

Although I believed it when I said it, I wasn’t feeling it late last night when I went to bed. Dan asked, “what if for some reason I don’t get re-enrolled for school? what then?”

I had no idea what our back-up plan would be, but I did come to the conclusion and told him, that the Lord would provide a way – whether he got back into school or not.

I absolutely believe that the Lord will provide – every time – be it what I want or what I need. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away – blessed be the name of my God (Job). I’ve seen His hand too many times in life to believe otherwise.

So before we went to bed, Danny sent an email to his advisor telling him the problem and asking him to help. This morning the advisor replyed telling him he would find out what was going on and fix it ASAP. Me, Dan and Wiley were dressed and ready to go to campus this morning to talk to some people and Mr Advisor did his job in a big way – the Lord gave me peace – and Dan got re-enrolled for his classes.

What a pointless thing, right?

Actually, I believe that life is full of experiences that are meant to teach us.

Teach us how to respond in the face of disappointment – will we trust God, that He has our back – or will we crumble and feel like all is lost?

Please know that He will have your back, when you call on Him.

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