Before I Heard It, I Already Knew It.

On May 14, 2010 I wrote

“I imagined to myself, the place I existed in before
I came to the Earth. My feelings of excitement to
come to such a beautiful place were also accompanied by hesitance.

My Father in Heaven sat down with me at large,
heavenly dinning room table, like any home, the place were families talk.

I asked Him how I would navigate through life – with all of it’s twists and turns. He told me there would be trials, even asking me which trials I might be able to overcome and learn from while I lived upon the Earth. I was promised, with each trial came blessings through my obedience to the predicated laws. Included in those promised blessings were a list of special people who would lend support and encouragement throughout my life – I would in return be a blessing to their lives. I believe that I chose my life-trials, knowing that the Lord would send help and give me access to the light that would guide me safely back into His presence.

Leaving that heavenly dinner table, I was confident in the words of my Father and excited to do His work here on the Earth.

In the short time that I have been on the Earth, I have been given many blessings and made friendships that have brought me comfort and joy. I think about my conversation, as I imagine it, from time to time to remind myself that I chose to come here and I hope to always remember my Eternal heritage as a Child of God.”

Saturday¬†night I heard Henry B. Eyring (of the LDS church, during the women’s meeting of LDS general conference) share similar views. That as daughters of God, He spoke with us, prepared us and assured us that help would be here during this mortal life.

I always knew it was true, but it brought me so much comfort to hear someone else express it.

One thought on “Before I Heard It, I Already Knew It.

  1. I LOVED everything about Women;s Conference! It truly was incredible! The Spirit was so strong and I felt like everything that was said was exactly what I needed to hear : D

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