Summer, Skateboards and New Shoes

Dan finished his first semester at Mizzou and has a bit more time for family.

Does any one else get tickled when they drop their husband off at the skate park?

Does any one else have husbands who still skate?

I’m just glad he likes to stay active and take the time to share his interests with our son.


There is only one skate park in Columbia, Missouri.

During the semester – when the weather was a bit cooler – Dan was going to the school’s gym.


Now that is is really hot outside… Dan and my brother Kaleb go to the skate park a couple of hours a week (In addition to riding his bike daily to work).

As my belly grows, Dan gets more active… Hey I take walks and I went to the gym last week to lift!


As to be expected with the passage of time, Wiley keeps growing.  His favorite shoes are getting a little too tight.

Okay Dad, I'm ready to drop in!
Okay Dad, I’m ready to drop in!

So I took Wiley shoe shopping this week while Dan was at work.

his new favorite foot wear.
his new favorite foot wear.

I found a cute pair of red tennis shoes with little dinosaurs on them…meanwhile Wiley found a pair of Elmo house slippers (that he calls Ewoks) and he wore them out of the store.

Sometimes I can’t resist.

The shoes I picked out.
For the record, the shoes I picked out.

Well, I’m glad we both found something we liked.

I’m happy it is summer.

I’m happy I only have 10 1/2 weeks till I’m full term – yes, I’m counting down.



So happy to have my little boy to keep my busy every day – helps make the time fly a bit faster.

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