Oh The Irony…I Love Irony, But I Love The Outdoors More.

My due date is less than three weeks from today – here I’ve waited NINE months for this and suddenly I think, “I can’t have the baby yet!?!? I have more projects to finish!!”

Wiley loves his life.
Wiley loves his life.

The time for projects are coming to a close – for a while – I still work on small things between taking care of my family and getting chores done.

Jumping at the river for the big boys.
Jumping at the river for the big boys.

What I have been making time for, once or twice a week, is meeting up with a friend or two and taking Wiley swimming.

I may be huge and my swim suit may be getting smaller on me, but I look forward to time with friends and Wiley loves the pool or like today, the lake.

Man Crush Monday to Monday and everyday.
Man Crush Monday to Monday and everyday.

The photos on today’s post are actually from late May.

What A SWEET boy (that is, unless he is biting another child...)
What A SWEET boy (that is, when he is not biting another child…)

On our way home from visiting family in Texas, we stopped in southern Missouri just outside of Houston (Houston, Missouri – not to confuse my family in Houston, Texas) at a swimming hole along the Piney River called Baptist camp.

Wiley can't wait to be a big boy too.
Wiley can’t wait to be a big boy too.

I still wasn’t feeling well the day we went, so I sat on the shore and took photos of my husband, brothers, friends and my son.


Wiley has a tendency to be hesitant at first around water…after 40 minutes he has no fear and I have to stay right on top of him.


Today I met up with a friend of mine who is also pregnant (about six weeks behind me) and also has a two year old.


We met up a a place in Columbia called Stephen’s Lake, which is a lake/splash pad combo and Wiley was not hesitant at all today. He jumped right into the sand and crawled straight into the water.


I didn’t take photos today – but I’ll have to get some pictures eventually – it is a beautiful park.

DSC_0695I guess I’ll have to go back soon…maybe I’ll take Danny too if he isn’t at work or completing Honey-Do’s.


I’m glad Columbia has so many parks and pools, it has helped me through this summer, as has the weather.


I have been really blessed this summer.

DSC_0710Happy Taco Tuesday Ya’ll!! 🙂




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