Thankful from my past to my present

San Francisco, CA – 1986 exactly a year before my husband was born…meanwhile, I’m four years old.

My little family spent some time at my parents home over Thanksgiving break, Danny had deer to hunt (freezer needs stocking) and I had family to spend time with and old photos to view.

Me and my sister Klara – who was named after the character in the ballet Nutcracker – a part my mom danced as a youth.

It’s not uncommon for me to rifle through all boxes when I’m home, or visiting grandparents, to revisit the happy times from my past or uncover some old relic that holds a new story for me.

My Nana holding Klara – I looked pretty stoked about having a new baby around.

Most of my life, my mother has done a great job of keeping the family photos neatly organized, but somewhere in the last two moves the photos were all thrown together.

Gramma and Aunt Gail. After looking at these photos I question whether I should go back to bangs…

About the time my parents sold their home in Texas, the majority of family photos were in old photo albums and the glue that held the photos in the albums were actually damaging the photos, so my mom took all the photos out of the old albums – and mom decided to finish her midwifery training on top of all her other pursuits – thereby leaving all the photographs mixed together.

San Diego, CA early 1987? This is what I looked like when my husband was born šŸ™‚

I took it upon myself last year to, at least begin to, sort through them. I haven’t begun the scanning process, but I will be the one to do it.

My parents are such cute people.

Memories must be recorded and preserved.

I loved that shirt. I still do. Where can I get one like it?

I only took about an hour, this last trip home, to go through photos. I have two small children and if I don’t keep a very close eye on the two year old, things can end up destroyed very quickly – clever boy

My dad is a pretty good chef, but his specialty is chocolate.

Luckily I had some help for a short while from my baby brother Konnor:

It was also the day before our Thanksgiving feast and my mom needed some assistance in the kitchen. Not too much assistance, she pretty much made the entire feast all by herself.

I had a (really long) Shirley Temple phase and wanted my hair to be curly every day. I can thank my Aunt Kathy for the Shirley Temple obsession, she sent us all her movies.

I peeled some potatoes and cut them up.

Oh look! Another baby girl – must be 1988, summer time. My baby sister was born in July. Not that you’re interested, but this was another favorite outfit of mine – flowered jump suit!

I did the majority of helping my mom by washing all the dishes.

My cousin Hollie (Left) was my favorite cousin for a long time – she babied me and I liked being babied. šŸ™‚

If a food or drink request was made by a child or son-in-law, my mom put in her ear buds (I’m so glad for head phones and internet radio on cell phones…as a child we all had to listen to talk radio when mom cooked, cleaned…canned, etc) and got to work.

My favorite dress-up dress (a ballet costume that belonged to someone…not me). My guess is this cake is for a little sister. My older brother doing what he does…

I didn’t have any personal food requests this year – I was just happy to be home!

Oh, HEY cool kids! See those pink high tops I”m wearing? Those were my favorite shoes.

But I was really happy that mom made a homemade chocolate pie, it’s my FAVORITE pie.

Just in case you didn’t get a good look at my shoes…

Since I’m still trying to loose some post pregnancy weight, I only had one slice of pie and only one small plate of food. It’s worth the wait…

Happy – 80’s tastic – memories

I’m really grateful for the love my mother shows by her actions – the night before Thanksgiving, my husband said that Aunt Patty’s cranberry crush drink was he all time favorite drink, so of course my mother whipped some up.

Can anyone tell me where this was taken? I’ve lived near and visited too many beaches to remember.

On Thanksgiving day, an hour before dinner, my brother Kaleb said he wanted some Yorkshire pudding with his meal…yeah, mom made them, because she loves her babies.

So thankful for my family – I don’t think anyone can make me more crazy then my family and I don’t think anyone loves me like my family either.

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