What I did after Drama Pirates hi-jacked my life this week.

Keeping up with this guy is no small task. When he crashes, I crash!
Keeping up with this guy is no small task. When he crashes, I crash! These photos are from this last week.

Several years ago, during my quarter life crisis, I had a good friend named James Estes. He was going to Theological school, so he was a very good friend to have during a quarter life crisis. He is the person who introduced the term ‘Drama Pirate’ into my vocabulary.

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A Drama Pirate could be anything that jumps into your life causing stress, anxiety, depression, anger – you get the gist?

There is no way to protect yourself from Drama Pirates, because just like the seafaring pirates would pull their ships alongside other ships and throw their hooks in before climbing aboard, there is no way to prevent them…and they show up more frequently after long periods without enough sleep.

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Last week was a constant struggle or juggling of my time and energy. Monday through Saturday I just barely kept my “head above water.”

I was “running faster than I had strength(Mosiah 4:27),” and my body was shutting down.

New Project Danny? Wiley needs a tree house for all his dinosaurs...
New Project Danny? Wiley needs a tree house for all his dinosaurs… by the way, Wiley picked out his clothes. 🙂

My sanity went from 0 to Sixty (zero being I could pretend nothing was wrong, sixty being I was crying because I couldn’t control anything, least of all my tears) on Sunday morning before church and I didn’t think I could make it.

I had to strap him on to get chores done.
I had to strap him on to get chores done.

“Shoot me with a tranquilizer and leave me to sleep it off.”

In this particular case of fighting Drama Pirates, I needed to stop and rest! In other cases where I am feeling down about life, I need to pick up a project or clean something to feel better…but in this case, I needed to do nothing. But I needed to do nothing after I went to church to worship!

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Somehow I made it to church and I think I smiled a few times.  After church I rested, really rested – no cooking, no cleaning, no reading, no movie, no texting, no social media – I rested.

Came home from church to find dog puke on my bedroom floor...grrrr.
Came home Saturday morning to find dog puke on my bedroom floor…grrrr.

When night came, I woke to eat and feed my babies and then happily went back to sleep again. I woke this morning feeling like I was a new person!

So glad my husband watched the kids so I could get some deep sleep.

Dog to the vet's...which always equals dollar signs...
Dog to the vet’s…which always equals dollar signs…

So thankful that I had the opportunity to use the Sabbath day for what it was intended, rest!

This is how I take selfies...
Is the week over yet? This is how I take selfies…

Speaking of Drama Pirates!

“All men, created alike in the image of God, are inseparably bound together.  This is at the very heart of the Christian gospel…this broad universality standing at the center of the Gospel makes brotherhood morally inescapable. Racial segregation is a blatant denial of the unity which we all have in Christ.  Segregation is a tragic evil that is utterly un-Christain.”   Martin Luther King Jr  (Feb 10, 1957)

Let’s be more Christ-like in our fight for peace.

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