Fatherhood: I have a confession to make.

Today, after church, I was sitting on the couch reading (Danny was in the garage) while Wiley played Angry Birds on the iPad.

Wiley made his signature “I just put something smelly in my diaper” move –

“Wiley, do you need to sit on the toilet?” no response…slowly starts to crawl away under the coffee table.

I pick up the iPad and turn it off, “you can have it back when you bring a diaper and wipes to me.”

He runs off and starts playing in his room.

Five minutes later, he is still playing in his room and I am still reading on the couch.

Danny comes in from the garage and heads to Wiley’s room.

Wiley stands up, back against the wall, “what are you doing in here daddy?” “what are you doing in here?” The smell is pretty obvious and Danny says, “are you poopy??”

I, sitting on the couch, knowing full well that he was and let Danny discover it – was waiting for Danny to bring the child. Danny changed it and never said a word to me. 🙂

Daddy helps Wiley calm down after a temper tantrum.
Daddy helps Wiley calm down after a temper tantrum.

I would say that those kinds of things make a mother’s day and makes me so grateful for fathers.

I’m grateful for the fathers that raised me and Danny. I’m grateful for my grandfathers. I’m grateful for the male role models in my life, who are great fathers. I’m grateful to the divorced women in my life who still honor fatherhood and teach their children to love and honor their dads. I’m so blessed to have so many reasons to be grateful.

Thankful to my Father in heaven, who gave me all that I have. I may have gone overboard with the photos this post, but it’s my blog and I can  post what I want to. Blessings and Happiness to you all. p.s. while I napped…he made his own Father’s Day Dinner! But, I bought the steaks!!

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