Friends, babies, big pregnant lady, To the Pumpkin Patch!


Last week I took the boys to a farm about 20 minutes outside of town, Peach Tree Farms.


Our LDS Ward (Thank you Brenna for putting things together!) has a regular playgroup and this was one of the few activities that had a cost attached.


Three glorious hours of playtime!


Neither of my boys wanted to go home and if I had not felt so darn tired, I would have stayed a little longer.


I was supposed to meet up with someone later that day, but in the last two weeks I’ve been feeling this third trimester stuff.


Some days I’m on and most days I’m off…


Some nights it’s fruit, cheese and bread or oatmeal for dinner.


Every couple of nights I manage to make a decent meal, but I also manage to play lots of Solitaire on my phone after putting the boys to bed.


Solitaire somehow makes me feel somewhat productive, when I’m being completely unproductive…aside from growing a tiny human.


Most mornings, Wiley comes into my room around 7:45 and tells me, “I want food mom.” I pull myself up and make a good breakfast.


Lately it’s these oatmeal, banana, yogurt muffins.


I’m fairly productive until the baby goes down for a nap and I sit down to rest my feet.


That’s when it happens, again…


Productivity crash.


On days I have energy I use it, on days I don’t have energy – I have to talk myself onto every task.


“Okay, just get up and switch out the laundry and put the dishes away.”

“You need to eat something besides cereal, go steam some broccoli.”


My brain has to sing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to my body, “rising up to the challenge of…my [trials]…”

I need Wiley's next bed to look like keep him in it!!
I need Wiley’s next bed to look like this…to keep him in it!!

Those moments I mindlessly sit on my phone reading the news, I’m also praying to God, “I’m so, so grateful for this new baby, I’m taking a break after this next one…can you please not let me be one of the 1000 or so women who get pregnant on birth control?” Silly prayer? Maybe to you.

This is what he looked like when we pulled into the driveway.
This is what he looked like when we pulled into the driveway.


I got 7 more weeks. I can hold out 7 more weeks.

p.s. Hallelujah for Fall!!!!

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