Adrian’s low-key Birth Story.

Last night as a family of four…plus a dog and a(n outdoor) cat.


If you’re looking for excitement, go back and read about the birth of my first child, because this story isn’t all that wild and that’s how I like to keep my labor/delivery from here on out.


My In-laws sent flowers during my last week of pregnancy with a note that read, “Hang In There!”


I was only about 37 weeks pregnant when the pain of carrying this baby became sharp and stabbing…in all the most uncomfortable places.


It’s birth day! 5am go time.


My official due date was November 30th, but the stabbing pains – and convenience of my husband having all of Thanksgiving break off from school – made my decision to be induced an entire week early that much easier.


Nurse Brandy (who reminded me so much of my cousin’s wife! They even kind of look a like). Labor nurse and DJ. 🙂


Anxiously I made arrangements for my two little boys to have safe places to go while I lay in the hospital hooked up to the IV.

The small village of women I know are so fabulous (I was still anxious about not being with my boys all day and leaving them with friends) and I really had nothing to worry about – those boys had a good day and didn’t even notice I was gone.


Birth Day:  Dan stayed with the boys until about 8:45am and then dropped them at a friend’s house. I knew things wouldn’t be that exciting with me until later in the day.


My mom drove into town the night before induction – she and I got about 3 hours of sleep – before we arrived at the hospital at 5am.

Months leading up to the induction, I prayed and prayed for good nursing staff. The nurses can make or ruin a birthing experience. It all hinges on good nurses.


And just like that, I’m at a 7!! By the time I reached 10, I was feeling sick!


Prayers were answered each day of my hospital stay. Each shift, I was blessed with exceptional nursing care.

[I even got the same anesthesiologist from last year! Who I absolutely loved!]

When I’m anxious I tend to be more silly and I requested that my labor nurse have a good sense of humor. Not only did I get the Charge Nurse on the unit, but she was everything I wanted/needed, including an afterbirth DJ.


Praying, meditating, feeling uncomfortable…


What?? Afterbirth DJ?

We named our little girl Adrian.


She is almost here!


She is not named after the character in the movie Rocky, but I do happen to like that movie.

So, throughout the day my mom is giving my siblings the play by play via text message (with photos) of how I’m doing, I said, “mom, as soon as she is born, you need to caption the photo ‘Yo Adrian, WE DID IT!'”


Start pushing, holding Danny’s hand.


That’s when the nurse said, “someone needs to download the Rocky song and play it when she comes out.”

We all laughed, “yeah, that would be funny, good idea.”


Daddy cutting the cord.


Meanwhile, it’s 1 o’clock and I’m still sitting somewhere around 4 to 5 cm dilated and the nurse says I’ll check you again at 3pm.

Ugh. Another long induction.


Cue the music…


Close to 2pm I asked Danny if we could watch a movie on his laptop. He had left the laptop charger at home and asked if he had time to run home and get it. I told him, “yeah, probably.”

The nurse happened to walk in right as Dan was standing up to leave and I asked the nurse to check me again, just in case, because I wanted Danny to run home.


Me and Doctor B. (who kinda looks like a Spooky Dr. B. here…I promise, he is the total opposite of Spooky, I’d recommend him to anyone.)


Well, I was 7 cm dilated and apparently moving fast now. So Danny sat down, nurse got the birth cart ready and paged the doctor.

1o mins later my OB was in my room chatting with us, camped out and not headed anywhere because I was progressing really fast.



Mom had the bed in the sitting position and I was mid conversation with my doctor when I had this overwhelming urge to vomit.

“I think I’m in transition, I feel like throwing up!”

[As Danny would later quote from Wayne’s World, “if you’re gunna spew, spew in this.” picture a Dixie Cup]


The uncomfortable part is over, sort of…


Mom handed me a trash can – doctor gowned up – I did some deep breathing and Danny was rubbing my back.

I didn’t end up spewing – I did end up pushing for less than 10 minutes and out came our little Adrian.


The boys came the next day. Wiley kept saying, “she was in your tummy and you pushed her out?!” After the excitement of the new baby wore off, they climbed on everything, wanted to watch TV and eat my food.


Moments after she was placed into my arms, my nurse played the Rocky theme song from her phone.

It was kind of a perfect moment, within a perfect moment.


She is a golden blonde. You can’t see her eyebrows blonde.


This baby was a lovely surprise.

She is really heavenly, not a crier, loves to sleep all day and eat all night.


For those of you complimenting my post birth look, this is my reality now…puffy, sleepless face. 🙂


Her first four days of life I averaged three hours of sleep each day and it has been worth every sleepless moment.




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