Spring Breaker 2016: Sick Parent Edition.

Last week was our Spring Break (Dan had the week off from school) – we were going to head down to Texas to see family…

The day before I woke up with pink eye, Easter eggs hunt with Wiley’s pre-school class and their younger siblings. I was starting to feel more sick as this day wore on.

Seven days before break, I got a little cold, the Thursday before Spring Break, I got pink eye. I knew I didn’t have time to mess around, so I went to a walk-in clinic for eye drops.

Day 2, both eyes goopy and felt like sandpaper.

On Friday, I woke up with Pink eye in both eyes and my face was so swollen…I called my sister and told her I was not coming and maybe if things cleared up by Monday, we’d head down then?

oh, hey Monday.

Come Monday morning, Danny was doing better and I had two pink eyes and a sinus infection.

The internet is where you put un-flattering photos of yourself, right??! Had to wear the head band for 8 days, to keep fly away hair from getting into my eyes and therefore my fingers.

I was really bummed to use our break for sick days, but, Danny was able to spend a lot of time at the park with his little boys.

I was really really bummed that I wasn’t able to smother my baby girl in daily kisses.

Each new day I didn’t see much progress – I even woke up every three hours to put those drops in my eyes. Was it a viral infection? yes, but I thought, ‘hey, it can’t make it worse,’ will it?

We did a lot of resting, played with a silly face swap app on the iPad…

Wiley got ahold of my phone and took pictures while I nursed the baby in my room.

Not bad, not bad. hehehe

Thursday morning, nearing the end of break, my pink eyes cleared and although I still had sinusitis, we decided to head down to my parents a few hours south.

So, to my family in Texas – I’m sorry we couldn’t make it down. I hope that we get to see ya’ll soon, here’s some fun photos from our Winter:

I’m so crazy from being stuck indoors, I’m going outside, I don’t care how cold it is! We’re just prepping for that time we live in Finland?


My little super boy! He loves playing with Daddy’s chess pieces, I’ve had to hide the ones he has not yet lost.


Tyler loves food. When he finishes his, he usually goes after Wiley’s plate…because Wiley doesn’t care much for the stuff.


Ty will help Daddy finish too.


Don’t leave food on the table…or the troll will climb up and eat it when you’re not looking.
Also, Moms, don’t leave your oatmeal on the kitchen counter, because that pesky troll will pull it off and eat that too.


Playing chess again. Meanwhile, in potty training…two steps forward, one step back.


Always wondering when Daddy will come home:


The complete guide to Lego Star Wars – captures even the smallest imaginations.


Ah well, I feel like another road trip is in our future:

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