Story time, since I am iced in tonight.

In 1989 I wrote a very short story called, The Lonely Mouse. I was seven.

I still own the original. Story, by Katie, art by Katie, binding the papers and everything else? Katie.

My childish creation was trying to connect how Mickey Mouse might have felt before Minnie came along.

He had a dog, but humans (and obviously mice) need more.

everyone had to start somewhere, right?

So in this story, he meets Minnie, they fall in love and have triplets, just in time to hear that Mickey got that dream job of his at Disneyland.

That, is my story in a nut shell.

and some ‘vegetables’

My mother thought it was so adorable, she sent a copy to every one of our extended family for Christmas.

Twenty years later I tried re-writing the story (in a rhyming salute to Dr. Seuss who is an all time favorite) I began to write:

Lloyd P. Mouse, lived in a house right on the edge of town.

Late one night, when he turned out the light, his face made a little frown.

“I’m all alone in this cozy home, I should find a mate 

I can’t go through life without a wife, what an unfortunate fate.”

Lloyd went to bed with dreams in his head of finding the perfect girl.

She would be witty, funny and pretty – a gem of a lady– a pearl.

Morning arrived – Lloyd opened his eyes as sunlight danced through his window.

He whistled a tune that rang through the room, peaking to a crescendo.

An hour later, after reading the paper, the clock said eight thirty-four.

After donning some gloves and a scarf, hmph! Tug! Lloyd scurried out the front door.

…which is how it sat for another seven or so years.

Until now. [insert grin]

I took the story and went in an entirely new direction –

which cannot be revealed until after Christmas, because I had it printed out and my family reads my blog. I’ll give you this:


I would like to thank the folks of flickr – I took a lot of awesome photos from you and used Preview on my Macbook to cut and paste my little characters. I will make zero profit off this story, as it was only intended for my family as a DIY gift.

Should I ever hope to make a profit from this story, the photos would have to be changed entirely, as I do not hold the rights to any of the ‘backgrounds.’

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