The Lonely Mouse 2.0 (16)

To make reading story less tedious, I am just uploading pictures and adding the text (in place of uploading screen shots from the book I had printed).

[feel free to edit this and send it back to me, I don’t hold a degree in english or anything related.]

It’s important to read the story in a proper British accent, as that is how it was written.


“Lloyd P. Mouse spent many happy years traveling the world with his most loyal friend and distant cousin Gerald Hartley – a penguin – though, truth be told, I do believe it was an adoptive relationship, which explains how a mouse and penguin became cousin, but cousins they were.


In between their travels, they enjoyed sitting in Lloyd’s drawing room together. On this particular evening, Gerald was lost in thought, hypnotized by the yellow tassel on his cap, while Lloyd played jazz music at the piano, reminiscing his last adventure in Paris.


Lloyd sighed, “awe, to take one more flight across the Atlantic Gerald!”

Alas, Cousin Gerald told Lloyd his adventures were changing and he had a new adventure awaiting him back home, a nice Lady Hen to share the rest of his life with and eggs to incubate.

Lloyd didn’t quite understand, but walked with his cousin to the train station, and bid him a jolly farewell. “Eggs to incubate!” Lloyd chuckled, “best wishes mate!”


The first week, after Cousin Gerald’s departure, Lloyd took in many of his favorite activities about town:

the library,library

food trucks,tacos

and looking at paintings in the art

A week later, Lloyd was on an airplane to Japan for some solo sight-seeing.


After a summer trip to Japan…

Lloyd returned to Paris, but was still left feeling like something was missing in his life.


Like, like a, a…

A forever family of his own was missing.


Once Lloyd decided it was a family he wanted, he needed to find a nice Lady Mouse.

He first looked at the Pier.


After an hour of searching, he gave up and took his sun burnt ears towards town.

Lloyd popped into a flower shop. He saw a lovely Hedgehog, but she was unavailable, so he continued to browse.


It didn’t take long for Lloyd to see that single ladies were not in the flower shop today, so he left.

“Hmm,” thought Lloyd, “where does one look for good companionship these days?”

He hadn’t made it far out of the shop when he saw signs of distress and hoping to find some beautiful damsel he followed.

The Collie family vehicle had a flat and Mr Collie needed some assistance repairing the tattered tire.


Lloyd made pleasant conversation and forgot entirely about his goal for the day. He enjoyed his visit so much, he offered to help Mr Collie fix the remaining three tires, just for fun.

The Collies graciously declined.

“Lovely family, really.” Lloyd said to himself and smiled as the Collies drove away.

Still smiling to himself, Lloyd was passing the school yard when he heard a whistle blow.

The shrill scream of the whistle grabbed his attention (as a whistle is meant to do) and his turned his eyes toward the source of aforementioned sound.


That is when he saw her.

Clutching her bright red whistle in her soft white foot (because mice don’t have hands, only feet).

Her white fur matched her starched apron. In all the world, Lloyd never dreamed that the local primary teacher would capture his attention like she did. “How would he ever introduce himself?” he wondered.

Another whistle pierced the playground as a second teacher approached Lloyd’s new crush. On the ground lay a kitten yowling. Shouts for more help, while kits, cubs, joeys and the rest of the pupils were hurried inside the primary school.


A volunteer was needed to carry little Murphy Cat home, so Lloyd stepped forward.

As it turned out, the Murphy family lived on the farm that bordered Lloyd’s property, so naturally, he would be an excellent choice to take the fellow home and seeing as school was out and Miss White was his teacher, she would accompany him.

It was to be the shortest walk home that Lloyd would ever take.


Mrs. Murphy Cat was relieved to see her little kitten’s injury would not inhibit his return to school the very next day. Lloyd and Miss White were sent home with a honey cake a piece for their troubles.

As Lloyd only lived next door to the Murphy’s, he did not have far to go.


Which did not hinder him from walking all the way back into town, to see Miss White safely onto her own front porch.

It was only a matter of time before his front door, was also hers.


Every year, they return to where they were married and fall more in love every time they return.

The formerly Lonely Lloyd and the one-time Miss White, whom he now calls Sue, had one baby and then two and before you knew it, had more babies than you or I could ever hope to.


It was a happy life, sometimes smelly and noisy too, but they created it as husband and wife, thus they learned to find joy in the journey with each other, no matter what!


Lloyd never had to find a new travel companion again.


All my backgrounds were taken from flickr and I do not hold the rights to them. I took rudimentary editing skills and put all the characters into this story. I do hold all the rights to this story.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas gift to my nieces and nephews.

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