Training our Kids, just like The Dog.

Listen, pets and children are very different, but I’ve taken enough psych-classes to understand conditioning.

I used to be the “do it this way because it’s the best way” kinda mom/wife, but my husband (who is an expert in many things) trained our Pit to say “I love you” and snatch a snack off his nose – also found a great way to train the kids.


It started with a massive bag of suckers. I was hesitant because of all the sugar and food dyes, but had to concede his method of getting our children to behave.

Getting three kids under five years in the car went from ‘nightmare’ to ‘not too painful’ with a sucker.

My teething baby girl appreciates the sweet soothing treat.

“Get your shoes on.”

*child still playing and departure time looms*

“Get your shoes on and I’ll give you a sucker as soon as you’re in your carseat.”

*child scrambles for shoes and babbles on about what flavor they want as they strap on shoes and make way to front door*


I sorta want to sound like Willy Wonka for a second, “the perfectly peach actually tastes like a peach! The pomegranate pucker tastes like a pomegranate” – you get the gist.

Any mother who has had to leave the park early knows the pain of pulling small children from the swings or slide.

What my little suckers wont do for some sugar…

They are eating steamed broccoli, sliced cucumbers, or a beef vegetable soup for dinner – so I have zero mom guilt about bribing them with candy.

I need to work on my product photography. That’s an art I haven’t quite figured out.

About a month ago I had even less reason to worry about bi-daily sucker eating (high fructose corn syrup and food-dyes)!

I discovered YUM EARTH organic candies. Yes, it’s still sugar, but they are sweetened and colored by fruit! Yes, some have brown rice syrups, but I don’t have to argue with irrational beings about picking up toys anymore. I call it a win.


They smell as good as they taste.

My huge stache of YUM EARTH’s were meant to last till our church Halloween trunk r treat, but that will depend on my level of patience this month.

We’ve openned (finished off) the gummy bears, sour watermelon lemonade twists, and suckers.

this cute boy counting his sour twists.

The watermelon lemonade sour twists are fun for my three year old who counts everything and good for his motor skills (they come in a small pack of tiny straws – at least 12 – which my three year old can count up to)!

I’m still fairly new at the mom-thing but I thought I’d share one thing I’m doing that has improved my sanity just a bit.


The real win is when I tell the kids to get shoes on and get to the van and the habit has been so formed they forget to ask for a sucker or gummy bears and just go!!

My almost two-year old is self potty training, so I may just keep clapping and praising her while I eat the potty snacks! 🙂 A mom can dream can’t I?

Oh, more gummy bears…now they’re all gone!





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