Happiness – through working hard.


I can honestly say the last 7 years have been work.

4 moves, 3 children (2 miscarriages), 1 more college degree.

“I’m building a castle mom.”

We could have done things a little differently – I could have put off having babies till I was closer to the age of 40 – I mean, it would have been a lot easier to get my husband through school without kids.


We could have stayed in Texas.

Dan could have avoided extra school all together and just started a career…

Hahaha, we would have taken way more vacations.

More time on the beach, just the two of us.


No diapers, no night time feedings or arguing over who was more tired (Mom or Dad) and which deserved the nap or night away with friends.

It seems we choose to follow Robert Frost and that darned road less taken.


In place of warm naps on a sandy beach, we get warm baby snuggles.

In place of extra vacations, we are saving for a debt-free house.

In place of the Texas economy, we are enjoying lovely Missouri summer evenings and country life.




We are happy.

So, I can say – happiness takes work.

We have earned this happiness.

Happy 7 year Anniversary Danny.


Another year around the sun.

Danny, I love you so much.

I remember the first birthday we celebrated together was your 24th! We went shopping together because you did not own a suit and I told you that you needed to start wearing one to church on Sundays.

A frequent scene: Dad doing homework with kids on his lap.

We had only been dating 1 month and 1 day, but you went along with my preference.

I love watching you teach our children with such love and patience – especially when my patience is depleted – your children adore you.

Most of the birthday’s between then and now have been really stressful. Birthdays are just different when your (frequently pregnant) wife/children’s needs come before your wants.

Today, you woke up early with the kids because you agreed to let me shoot an early morning photography session.

I love that you get to share the hobbies you love with your family!

Two hours of taking care of the children’s needs while mom was away, was followed by preparing yourself for your senior engineering group project (capstone). You could have met up with your group on Sunday, but your wife said that Sunday was not a good day to spend hours away from home and it was right in the middle of church. Again, you went along with my preference.

You’re a great problem solver.

I’m so proud of all you have accomplished in the years since that first birthday we celebrated together.


Thank you for being such a great dad.

Thank you for agreeing to make your own birthday dinner – because I’m tired from all that I do.

I sure like you.

Happy 31st my love.

Seven Years Ago Today…

Journal entry (back when I kept a daily journal…) December 11, 2010:

“I’m grateful for the many prayers that have been and are said on my behalf.  About 6pm tonight, I felt this incredible peace fill my soul and happiness commenced.  This week has been an emotional epoch. I had trouble eating (stress), random heartaches mingled with tears. I fasted and prayed all week long – on Friday I was offered a long term substitute teaching job for 9th grade biology for the school down the street from my house.”

That fall I began substitute teaching, all grades, trying to find my niche in education. That summer I had been rejected by the two medical schools I applied to (I know, looking back I want to shout, “you only applied to TWO schools Katie!!”) and felt like teaching was a good alternative to being a doctor.


The 9th grade biology classes I was asked to teach were alternately full of smart-A high achievers (Tuesday/Thursday) and Monday/Wednesdays I was left with children who are mostly likely in jail today; sad, but the reality of life for some people.

That particular job was scaring me straight out of teaching. I would sit in my car after work and ask myself if I could come back the next day, my life felt like a nightmare.

The week of December 11th, 2010 – I left that high school and told them I would not be taking that job. (turns out the teacher I was taking over for had hypertension…I can’t imagine why…).


Saturday evening, December 11, I took a friend with me to a birthday party. My expectations for anything were zero, I was obligatorily socializing and not staying home to map out my “okay, what’s next plan” for life.

Instantly, as I pulled up to the house, I spotted a white Honda Ridgeline plastered with surf stickers. A small voice whispered in my mind, “you know the driver of that vehicle.”


As I’ve told the story before, I was technically in a relationship and not on the prowl but, I did look pretty cute. I still remember what I had on: yellow flats, black skinny jeans and a white Ocean Pacific sweater with colored stripes across the chest (a great thrift store find).

I went straight out to the pool where most of the people were gathering.


It was totally like a scene from a movie: steam rising off the hot tub, people trickling into the party, mood lighting, I spot him twenty feet away, tanned, hunky blonde dude sitting at a table next to a laughing beautiful brunette acquaintance; except that I was totally thrilled for my beautiful brunette friend who obviously scored big. My second thought, “that’s the driver of the white truck.”

As of this day, I still can’t get my husband to tell me what he was really thinking.  The tanned, hunky blonde followed me the rest of the night.

someone was being funny behind the camera!

And, well, he convinced me to marry him.

So now, I’m still wondering where life will take me. I still have nightmare moments where I ask myself if I can do this another day (hello, I have a 2, 3 and 5 year old and a husband who is in school, at work or doing homework). What I don’t have is a feeling like I missed an opportunity to be a teacher, or a doctor, or a whatever else I was planning for my life before a husband and children came along.

I’ll be honest, I never thought I was mean’t for motherhood or even marriage. It was the one thing I really had a hard time seeing myself being successful in doing. There was clarity in all my other dreams. Now, I get to experience things I didn’t know I could do.


I didn’t know I’d be any good at taking photos. I didn’t know my five year old would randomly come up and give me hugs to tell me I was the best mom in the world on days I felt like a failure in life. I didn’t know my three year old would cuddle me every night and ask me to sing him 20+ songs before bed. I had no idea having a baby girl would turn me into complete goo. I had no idea that the man I married, who was a surf bum when we met (with his only goal in life: surf) would end up working and going to school for six years to support a growing family. I didn’t know we’d spend Saturday afternoons at the skatepark as a family.  I didn’t know my husband would pray with me and our children every night.


I didn’t know.

Yet, somehow on a really emotionally draining week – seven years ago today – something told me that everything would be okay and I had reason to be happy.





First Day of Kindergarten for both of us.

I asked for a group shot on the front porch…Ty took off, Wiley turned around and Adri just listening to her music…

Monday was meet the teacher, which Danny and I took him to. Wednesday I took all three of the kiddos up to the elementary for Wiley to be evaluated. Part of the reason teachers do that is to get that one-on-one time between new pupil and new teacher, building the relationship. It also gives the teacher a baseline for where he is right now in his education. Come parent/teacher night, she’ll be able to show mom and dad some quantitative evidence of his growing knowledge!

Wiley is so intellectually curious, I’m thrilled to have Mrs. S help supplement his education, while I parent the two littles. Wiley is also very social, so now I wont be responsible for entertaining him everyday. Already my sanity is improving.

All buckled up and ready to go!

Back in the spring when I told him about starting school in August, Wiley told me he didn’t want to go to school. I told him he would love it!! All summer we talked about school and I let him pick out his own clothes, backpack, lunchbox – all in effort to get this guy excited about school. Learning is fun, school is fun!!

Last night, I checked and double checked that Wiley’s backpack met the teacher’s checklist (towel for nap time, spare clothes for potty accidents)…

Kindergarten today – it was an early start 5:50 for mom, 6am for baby girl who heard mommy and Tyler soon followed. Wiley finally surfaced around 6:30.

Lunch was made, mommy got Wiley to eat something for breakfast while he stared blankly from his perch on the couch.

Wiley – “I’m not going to school if you don’t let me watch the show I want.”

Mom – “I’m sorry buddy, no TV before school, but would you like some chocolate milk to drink?”

Wiley – enthusiastic nodding

I had all four of us (mom, three kids under five years) dressed and in the car by 7:18am.

The car drop-off line was a tad hectic, but I knew it was just first day of school issues.

Kindergarten parents have the luxury (on day 1) of parking right in front of the office and walking their kids into their classroom. With overcast skies and cooler temperatures, I felt very comfortable leaving my two littles in their carseats for the 8 minute round trip walk to Wiley’s class.

With less gusto in his walk than yesterday, Wiley held my hand into Mrs. S’s room. I helped him put his lunchbox and backpack where they belong and walked him to his new desk!!

He wasn’t crying, he stood nervously next to his desk and I hugged him really tight, told him, “I love you so much, you’re going to have the best day!” Mrs. S came over and took over. I said ‘bye’ and headed toward the door, I turned around one last time and saw two little boys sitting at the first table inside the door, one spoke to the other, “do you want to be my friend?” I smiled, one last glance at Wiley taking a seat at his table. I knew this was going to be a great day for my little guy. I hurried to the nearest exit and sprinted down the sidewalk to my parked van.

The two babies were still listening to music on my phone (DJ Adri on duty). I sat in the drivers seat and my heart felt swollen, I resisted the urge to cry, a smile cropped up – ear to ear – on my face and I knew everything was going to be great for me too.



I took the babies to the Post Office (closed till 9am), so I drove over to the Library (closed till 9am) – what the?! We went to a grocery store to kill time before the opening of the library.


Meeting up with friends (Adrian now being the same age that Wiley used to be when he and I met up with our friends Tina and Haylee for library play!!)!

Followed by lots of outside playtime. Before I knew it – it was time to load the van again to go get our Wiley-man!

The carline for pick up ran much more smoothly than drop-off.

I was so excited to see how his day went – Mrs. S walked him to the curb where I waited and I squealed, “Wiley, how was your day?!”

Wiley burst into tears, “I wanted to take the bus home!!”  hahahahaha

His largest complaint is the time to eat lunch is too short…on a side note, Wiley was telling jokes at lunch. (While eating his grapes, “ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!!” Dan and I asked if anyone laughed, “no.”) hahaha.

He didn’t want to talk much about his day, but I knew he just needed to chill awhile. By the time daddy got home from work and started asking Wiley about his school day, Wiley was really excited to share all about class, “and you know what my teacher said? She said to come back tomorrow!!”

Finishing lunch!

So, with mom and dad’s excitement, Wiley feels excitement too.

The first day of school was followed by a date night – to the waste water treatment plant – because nothing says true love quite like taking a tour of the place where your poopy-water gets cleaned. I do however now know how that happens. I am grateful for engineers!!

The aerators help boost the bacteria that love to eat our ‘waste’

If anyone is curious about fun facts, please send me or Danny a Direct Message.

Learning is fun.




Enjoying more fully the Light.

I read a story about post-partum depression today, it wasn’t a happy one, which reminded me that I haven’t updated the internet on the state of my health:  mind, body and soul.

It’s good news. [Sigh of relief]

My baby boy.

I don’t really feel like talking about the depression, it’s part of my past now and I know that it could potentially be part of my future. For now I’m going to tell you what I’ve been doing, about what makes me happy.

My oldest niece, the Mermaid. (side note, this was a candid shot, I caught her mid-imagination).

I needed more Family time, spouse time and time just for me.


First, I called my mom and asked if she would pay for my gym membership. I knew that all the time away from the gym was one reason I was sad. I missed regular exercise!! I started making better choices with my food and I started pampering myself.


Anyone who knows me, knows that when you think of me, you don’t necessarily think “cheapskate.” But, for years I have rarely paid for haircuts (ask a friend or sister to just cut it right over a trash can), I almost never go into a salon, I have never had a manicure and I only get pedicures once or twice a year (because if I didn’t, my entire foot would turn into a callus). I also never spent money on makeup, hair supplies or skincare.

My sister, her husband and their sixth baby.

My skin care routine – up until this year – was usually going straight to bed without washing my face. Rinse face in morning or just wait till I took a shower…whenever that was.

Wearing makeup was usually reserved for Sundays and the makeup I did own was either purchased for me by a mother or sister or given to me by a sister or my mother (because it came as a free gift during a purchase)! I spent very little money in the hair, skincare and makeup department.

Candid shots really are the best.

In the spring and summer of 2016 when I struggled with pink eye, I had to throw away all of the makeup I did own – which included some new and nice (gifted) things. In addition to throwing out all my makeup, I threw out all my bed pillows (nice, newer pillows I couldn’t afford to replace).


We were also very broke when this happened.


Somewhere between back to back pregnancies, a husband who was gone all the time for school and with church responsibilities, a four year old just barely potty training (read “three kids in diapers”) – I was feeling pretty haggard.

My sister and her baby and she’s pregnant with her seventh! (how amazing is she?!)

Well, I discovered a multi-level marketing company that has amazing skin care and makeup. I knew I couldn’t afford to buy/wear good products unless I sold some. So, I signed up to distribute.


Along the way, I started having fun with my life again and taking care of myself made me feel good.


So, I’m going to the gym, taking care of my body, eating healthier and getting better sleep – now at bedtime, I don’t lay in bed trying to un-wind from a day that pulled and stretched me, I go to bed, I think of all the things I’m grateful for and all the things I can do better tomorrow.


Then, I stop thinking and go to sleep.


I started singing around the house more often, letting the messes sit later, snuggling with my babies a little longer.


I decided that dates with my husband were worth the cost of a babysitter (again, where I tend to be cheap – “let’s just not get a baby sitter and stay in or take the kids with us.”

These two never want their daddy out of their sight!

I re-took my Athletic Training exam (to re-certify) and was 23 points short of passing!! [I mean, I can’t be too sad, I’ve been out of practice 11 years!! With very little study time I squeezed in, I almost passed!! Yes, I’m taking it again].

My mother in law fostered a love for the ocean in my husband, and here she is with her grandchildren (whiny and all).

My energy levels increased and the chemicals in my brain have found balance as I allowed for more positive thoughts.

I consciously made it a daily effort to push negative thinking away and only see the positive. I had let negative thoughts camp too long in my mind and I didn’t want to be sad anymore.


Happiness had been my life before and I wanted that life back.


I never stopped praying during my struggles. I never stopped hoping. I knew that change would come if I just kept trying.

God knew me, He had faith that I could overcome my circumstances and He has faith in you too. The tools are there, we just need to reach out. Ask for help and take steps to change.

Those ‘gulls see food and in they swoop.

Postpartum depression is not an old friend, but foe. An enemy I may face in the coming years. But I have hope that my faith and past experience will help me defeat him again.

Disappointments still arrive, but I see the light and know that everything will work out.

The un-official Wedding Photos from my Baby Sister’s wedding.

Started the morning off in the waiting area with the kids.
Started the morning off in the waiting area with the kids and Aunt Kelsey (my oldest sister). My kid is in the back (wearing a white shirt, picking his nose).

And when I say the un-official photos, I mean, most of the photos posted here are of my kids…because this is my blog. 🙂

Nona and Grambo were there - Nona, you're hair is fabulous.
Nona and Grambo were there – Nona, you’re hair is fabulous.

Kaylan and Jeremiah were married on August 7th in the Houston LDS Temple.

Due to the bride and groom’s early arrival to the Temple and some family members still en-route, the group photos were delayed until after the Temple ceremony…

Not interested in taking photos.
Not interested in taking photos.
I am looking around for my cousins...
I am looking around for my cousins…
I'm 3 and I look cute, regardless of what I am doing.
I’m 3 and I look cute, regardless of what I am doing.

around 12:30.

Brother knotting a tie, flew in from Denver that morning.
Brother knotting a tie, flew in from Denver that morning. Brother wearing a pink bow tie just got called to Kumasi Ghana for his LDS Mission! Mom, looking fab.

I’m going to stop here and direct you back to my last post on this blog about the Houston, Texas heat.

What goes on inside these kids' heads? What is he thinking right in this moment?
What goes on inside these kids’ heads? What is he thinking right in this moment?

I want to keep the negativity off this post.

Waiting for the bride and groom to emerge from their newly minted status as Mr. and Mrs.
Waiting for the bride and groom to emerge from their newly minted status as Mr. and Mrs.

The good news is, almost everyone was smiling.

Yay!! They're married!
Yay!! They’re married!

We have a lot to smile about! My sister just got married to her best friend.

I still remember that feeling after being married and coming out of the Temple together...that's a good feeling.

I still remember that feeling after being married and coming out of the Temple together…that’s a good feeling.


Also a bit surreal, “we’re married?”


It’s amazing how such a small act, can lead to greater things.


Like, kissing can lead to babies…


or…so I have found.

Tyler begging for a swim.
Tyler begging for a swim.

In all seriousness, I recently read a talk given by an Apostle of the Lord titled, “Why Marriage, Why Family.

Trust me son, we all want to just in the fountain.
Trust me son, we all want to jump in the fountain.

I really loved the part where he said,

Kaylan with her brothers. Four years ago, when I got married, they were so much younger!!
Kaylan with the brothers. Four years ago, when I got married, they were so much younger!!

“It is [God] who in the beginning created Adam and Eve in His image, male and female, and joined them as husband and wife to become “one flesh” and to multiply and replenish the earth.21 ”

speaking of multiplying and replenishing, this cute sister was 36 weeks pregnant with her sixth child (in 10 years)!
speaking of multiplying and replenishing, this cute sister was 36 weeks pregnant with her sixth child (in 10 years)!

“Each individual carries the divine image, but it is in the matrimonial union of male and female as one that we attain perhaps the most complete meaning of our having been made in the image of God—male and female.

Neither we nor any other mortal can alter this divine order of matrimony. It is not a human invention. Such marriage is indeed “from above, from God” and is as much a part of the plan of happiness as the Fall and the Atonement.”

My stud, holding our sweet baby.
My stud, holding our sweet baby.

Marriage creates families, which is central to God’s plan of happiness.

Cute baby, boogers and all.
Cute baby, boogers and all.

See why this wedding was a big deal?

Groom with the menfolk.
Groom with the menfolk.

It was “the most complete meaning of our having been made in the image of God.”

Marriage and family has shown me how much I needed to change – to become more like Christ.

Having children has shown me how much further I need to go, to be more like Christ.


I would have liked to have spent more time, just Danny and I before we started having children.


I would have liked for him to see me normal for awhile…before the constant roller coaster of hormones.

In the four years I’ve been married, I’ll have had three kids.


When I got hitched, I was an old maid, at 29 with expiring eggs; so, you know, I had to start popping those kiddies out.

Nieces and nephews.
Nieces and nephews.

Ahh, babies. More babies to come.

And more photos…stay tuned.

Thankful from my past to my present

San Francisco, CA – 1986 exactly a year before my husband was born…meanwhile, I’m four years old.

My little family spent some time at my parents home over Thanksgiving break, Danny had deer to hunt (freezer needs stocking) and I had family to spend time with and old photos to view.

Me and my sister Klara – who was named after the character in the ballet Nutcracker – a part my mom danced as a youth.

It’s not uncommon for me to rifle through all boxes when I’m home, or visiting grandparents, to revisit the happy times from my past or uncover some old relic that holds a new story for me.

My Nana holding Klara – I looked pretty stoked about having a new baby around.

Most of my life, my mother has done a great job of keeping the family photos neatly organized, but somewhere in the last two moves the photos were all thrown together.

Gramma and Aunt Gail. After looking at these photos I question whether I should go back to bangs…

About the time my parents sold their home in Texas, the majority of family photos were in old photo albums and the glue that held the photos in the albums were actually damaging the photos, so my mom took all the photos out of the old albums – and mom decided to finish her midwifery training on top of all her other pursuits – thereby leaving all the photographs mixed together.

San Diego, CA early 1987? This is what I looked like when my husband was born 🙂

I took it upon myself last year to, at least begin to, sort through them. I haven’t begun the scanning process, but I will be the one to do it.

My parents are such cute people.

Memories must be recorded and preserved.

I loved that shirt. I still do. Where can I get one like it?

I only took about an hour, this last trip home, to go through photos. I have two small children and if I don’t keep a very close eye on the two year old, things can end up destroyed very quickly – clever boy

My dad is a pretty good chef, but his specialty is chocolate.

Luckily I had some help for a short while from my baby brother Konnor:

It was also the day before our Thanksgiving feast and my mom needed some assistance in the kitchen. Not too much assistance, she pretty much made the entire feast all by herself.

I had a (really long) Shirley Temple phase and wanted my hair to be curly every day. I can thank my Aunt Kathy for the Shirley Temple obsession, she sent us all her movies.

I peeled some potatoes and cut them up.

Oh look! Another baby girl – must be 1988, summer time. My baby sister was born in July. Not that you’re interested, but this was another favorite outfit of mine – flowered jump suit!

I did the majority of helping my mom by washing all the dishes.

My cousin Hollie (Left) was my favorite cousin for a long time – she babied me and I liked being babied. 🙂

If a food or drink request was made by a child or son-in-law, my mom put in her ear buds (I’m so glad for head phones and internet radio on cell phones…as a child we all had to listen to talk radio when mom cooked, cleaned…canned, etc) and got to work.

My favorite dress-up dress (a ballet costume that belonged to someone…not me). My guess is this cake is for a little sister. My older brother doing what he does…

I didn’t have any personal food requests this year – I was just happy to be home!

Oh, HEY cool kids! See those pink high tops I”m wearing? Those were my favorite shoes.

But I was really happy that mom made a homemade chocolate pie, it’s my FAVORITE pie.

Just in case you didn’t get a good look at my shoes…

Since I’m still trying to loose some post pregnancy weight, I only had one slice of pie and only one small plate of food. It’s worth the wait…

Happy – 80’s tastic – memories

I’m really grateful for the love my mother shows by her actions – the night before Thanksgiving, my husband said that Aunt Patty’s cranberry crush drink was he all time favorite drink, so of course my mother whipped some up.

Can anyone tell me where this was taken? I’ve lived near and visited too many beaches to remember.

On Thanksgiving day, an hour before dinner, my brother Kaleb said he wanted some Yorkshire pudding with his meal…yeah, mom made them, because she loves her babies.

So thankful for my family – I don’t think anyone can make me more crazy then my family and I don’t think anyone loves me like my family either.

My (Non) Celebrity Boyfriend and (in my opinion) the Sexiest Man Alive

So I was on Pinterest this week and I happened to be looking at a recipe for candy popcorn – the blogger was telling a story about going to the movies – with her husband – and the amazing (shirtless) abs of the actor on screen… how she was so intently watching this movie (and his abs), she ate too much popcorn.

I aged it to look 70ish...someone told him he looked like a NASA engineer, ironically, we know some of those from the 70's.
I aged it to look 70ish…someone told him he looked like a NASA engineer, ironically, we know some of those from the 70’s.

I realize she was being “funny” and I’m sure she loves her husband – but I for one am too uptight for that kind of “funny.”


My husband is my celebrity crush, #MCM (mom, that means “Man Crush Monday” and it’s just something people hash-tag about on social media…please don’t ask me about hash tags…again) and will always be the sexiest man alive – to me.

I love it when he smiles.
I love it when he smiles.

It really is the small things that keep marriages strong, especially in a world with so much divorce.

Woman with cameras should not come fishing....
Hey Girl, you’re the only woman I Hey Girl…

Choose your love, love your choice and make it last Forever!

Disclaimer: Does not necessarily apply to the single ladies and gents… Those movies abs are for you!

From Dust To Dust and The Things That Last Forever

The Whites - The majority of my mom's side of the family.
The Whites – The majority of my mom’s side of the family during Thanksgiving…unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the Christmas gathering with this side of the family. Couldn’t work out two places in once.

I once had a patient in the hospital, a woman who was about 75 years old, I can’t remember if she said she had married…but what I do remember is, she never had any children.

The great-grands holding their youngest great grandchild.
The great-grands holding their youngest great grandchild.

Now I know I have mentioned before on this blog how I used to be afraid of having children.

DSC_0346 (800x533)

Afraid for many reasons, but one BIG reason was I didn’t want to ruin my body.

My cousin Mary holding my nephew.
My cousin Mary holding my nephew.

I didn’t want stretch marks, I didn’t want lose skin, I didn’t want sagging breasts.

Here is my Mother-in-law's side of the family. Pawpaw and Gregre in the front surrounded by their posterity.
Here is my Mother-in-law’s side of the family. Pawpaw and Gregre in the front surrounded by their posterity.

I apologize for saying “sagging breasts” but it is the honest truth.

Four generations, Gregre, Nona, Steph and her baby girl.
Four generations, Gregre, Nona, Steph and her baby girl. Photogenic bunch, aren’t they?

so, at twenty-six, when I walked into a patient’s room and told her I was there to  discharge the heart monitor…this 75 year old woman patient who had never had children….

Here is Grambo's family after our Christmas Day game of Yankee Swap (gag gifts).
Here is Grambo’s family after our Christmas Day game of Yankee Swap (gag gifts).

You can imagine my surprise when this woman just opened her shirt, exposing her naked chest.

Four generations on Grambo's side. Grandpa, Grambo, Danny and Wiley.
Four generations on Grambo’s side. Grandpa, Grambo, Danny and Wiley.

I quickly and gracefully removed the sticky electrodes from her chest – but couldn’t help noticing how saggy and stretched her skin was.

and for the first time in my life, I realized, that my body would grow old and stretch whether I had children or not.

My cousin Max, his wife Miranda and their baby girl!
My cousin Max, his wife Miranda and their baby girl!

I didn’t want to be an old woman, with nothing to show for it – if I had the choice.

KoKo with her new grand niece.
KoKo with her new grand niece.

So after that mildly strange encounter with a patient, I was much less concerned about what would happen to my body after I had babies.

My baby boy
My baby boy

I had a baby boy almost two years ago…and you know what?

I didn’t get any stretch marks, I didn’t get any loose skin, but I did gain an incredibly adorable little boy – who my husband and I just love with all our hearts.

Eventually my body will go the way of all the earth, and I don’t mind.

At least I’ll have things to show for it.

I’m expecting another baby August 25th of this year and we are very excited about it.

For The Beauty Of The Earth, Captured With A Pocket Camera

“For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies…”


“For the love, which from our birth, over and around us lies..”

Another perk of teaching early morning seminary is watching the sun rise every morning.
Another perk of teaching early morning seminary is watching the sun rise every morning.

“For the beauty of each hour. Of the day and of the night,”

P1000647“Hill and vale and tree and flow’r, Sun and moon and stars of light.”

Every tree was wrapped in a blanket of snow!
Every tree was wrapped in a blanket of snow!

“For the joy of human love, Brother, sister, parent, child..”

hanging out along the highways.
hanging out along the highways.

Friends on earth and friends above, For all gentle thoughts and mild,”

“Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.”

Another day, another sunrise. I can appreciate this moment a lot longer with a picture.
Another morning, another sunrise. I can appreciate this moment a lot longer with a picture. 

My sisters and I sang that hymn, my Nana’s request, at my Nana’s funeral four years ago. I like the message that is shares. I wasn’t able to finish singing it that day, but I really like the line, “Friends on earth and friends above.” I can finish singing it for her when I see her again, in heaven.

P1000672It’s nice to have peace in a world full of questions.

P1000673Grateful for the who’s and what’s in my life.