Our oldest turns Four years.

This boy makes me laugh – No, I didn’t make him sit like this.

Today at church I briefly stood before my congregation and bore my testimony of God’s love, how sometimes in His love  (and infinite wisdom) He asks us to do hard things…because He knows that it will make us strong.

Motherhood has been a struggle for me lately. Particularly with my first born. He is determined to help me be strong. Really strong.

After my testimony, I returned to my seat.  Wiley was so happy to see me and said, very enthusiastically, “Mom, you did a great job!” followed by a sweet little boy kiss.

Floating – his kiss and exclamation had me floating the rest of the day! (much like the hot air balloon we saw fly over our home.)

God sent me a strong willed, funny, intelligent, happy, passionate, particular and loving boy we call, ‘Wiley.’

Wiley turned 4 years old last week.


Lord knows time is flying and somedays it doesn’t fly fast enough to bedtime…

I am well and healthy today, but the entire month of April I was sick.  So, as Wiley’s birthday neared, I knew he wouldn’t care if he had a party, but I wanted his day to feel really special. I wanted him to know I thought he was special.

He started his day with cartoons. I had blown up several orange balloons to litter the floor and got him four floating balloons and two dinosaur puzzles.

[go Dollar General!!!]

Happy Birthday!

I had to coax him away from the TV for a morning outing – just with mom.

I took him to the grocery store and let him pick out anything he wanted! Cause, I’m money bags like that.


The birthday boy wanted fresh strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream and donuts.

He also wanted a “grown-up sippy cup” (those plastic drinking glasses with straws/screw on lids) colored orange. The boy likes orange.

I’m pretty sure most of his t-shirts are orange.

Kind of fits his personality.

Dad and Wiley had about 30 minutes of just ‘them time’ before I came out.

After our breakfast outing, he wanted to put his dinosaur puzzles together with me. He and his little brother had hours of fun playing with the balloons. I read some books…and I let him play on the iPad, because that was just what he wanted!

I love his face as he bites into that marshmallow.

Daddy took Wiley and Tyler to the “big slide park” for about two hours later in the day.

(I love, LOVE, when Dan takes them to the park – no bedtime troubles – and quiet time for mom.)


The grand finale to the birthday boy’s day was after the two babies went to bed.

Daddy made a fire in the fire ring and they roasted marshmallows!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten marshmallows, they aren’t my favorite.


We didn’t have cake, I pointed them out in the store, but he wanted donuts for breakfast and marshmallows for dessert; who am I to argue with the birthday King?!

Wiley stayed up late. I wish I could say it was way past his usual bedtime, but he typically refuses sleep until around 10pm every night, so it was business as usual.

Wiley finally passed out on the bed next to mommy and his sleeping baby sister.

Fighting sleep till the bitter end.




“Real Men” can wear tights?

It isn’t Rugby or Football (you know the sport where men wear short shorts or spandex and grab each other over a ball?), it’s dance and like Rugby or Football, requires a lot of athletic conditioning.

playing with lighting
They had been rehearsing from 10am to 3pm and I came along and wanted them to take pictures. Konnor is far right, in blue shirt.

My younger brothers have, for years, been involved with theater, but recently my sixteen year old brother Konnor has taken up dance.

I know you’re tired, can you just lift them and hold them while I take…

I never took dance (if I had, I would have been a proficient…lol, probably not), but I have always had a love for watching dance, specifically ballet.


I’ve watched every ballet documentary on Netflix, if that enlightens you to the extent of my interest.

My mother took me to my first professional performance of Swan Lake in San Diego, California when I was seven…I fell asleep.


However, as I aged, my mother and grandmother started taking me to see the Tulsa Ballet company perform. Since I’m not a dancer, I went on to study sports medicine in collage.

Because I love sports too.


Does anyone remember the debate in the training room between Chris and I about whether ballet dancers are athletes or not?

Conclusion: ballet is not a sport, but ballet dancers are athletes.

Building is under renovation…just incase you are wondering about the patchy walls and odd paint job, it wont always look like that.

I’m pretty sure Chris still disagreed with the above conclusion.

So, after watching my brother’s recent dance rehearsals for Peter Pan…

The Pirates, so funny. This is their “usual suspects” line up.

(Children’s Ballet of the Ozarks presents: Peter Pan – MAY 20th 7pm & May 21st 2pm/7pm at the West Plains Civic Center)


…not only are the male ballet dancers tough, they are gracefully tough. They wear tights, but, they don’t have to grab other sweaty dudes while wearing them.

I’m really proud of Konnor and take pleasure in watching him feel passionate about something besides texting…

Tiger Lily

^^I’m having a little too much fun making “posters” for the upcoming show.

Just in case you didn’t hear, there is going to be a show and it’s going to be awesome.





Dream a little dream…

My little family got a short break two weeks ago to visit my parents for two days…the remains of our Spring Break.

My dad cuddling my baby girl before bedtime.

Wiley loves and frequently asks to go visit his “cousins” down there.

I can’t post their sweet faces for the public, but here are two of my parent’s foster (hope to adopt) children! Wiley…being wiley. 🙂

My parents began fostering children a few years ago – with the hopes of adopting.

They are such sweet kids! It’s no wonder Wiley can’t wait to see them again!

So those children that Wiley considers ‘cousins’ are more than likely to become his legal Aunts and Uncles.

Wiley is not great at helping with chores, but it is good for him to go with the kiddos to learn the ropes…some day, he’ll be helping out on the Wanch too!

Since relocating to the city life, I am always happy to visit family (here in Missouri and down in Texas) where my babies can run free in the country with their cousins.

I can now post photos of this little guy, because he is officially ours!! So are the dogs and ducks littered about…the back hoe in the back ground, not ours.

I’m a big believer that children need to be outside – as often as possible!!!

What’s that popping up on the other side of mom’s garden??

City life has it’s perks and I’m not one to complain about being two blocks from the library or the grocery store, but my husband and I both have plans to make our way to the country.

Mom and dad are building a house for my Gramma! So excited!!

Or at least closer to the country…presently, we live off the main street in our town.  So, a little further away from the city center.

Walking back from Gramma’s house.

We are very lucky to have Danny in school – considering all the small children we have collected since we married – Dan has had quite a load.


How many other 29 year old engineering students do you know with three kids under the age of four? Hahaha, well, there aren’t many at Mizzou…I’m sure BYU could name a few.

My pink eye had mostly cleared up…before it came back. But, my face was still puffy, hence the glasses.

Although we have quite a handful, we have a lot of help from our church community and family. I’m not sure I’d survive mentally without my church community of moms!

Daddy and Wiley

Most of our time spent at mom and dad’s is filled with chasing babies, making sure they stay out of the pond and jumping on the trampoline.

Mom getting the engineer’s opinion on the retaining wall…

Danny and my brothers spend an equal amount of time as the little children on the trampoline, doing flips.

My dad made a new rule after he bought the new trampoline…only one big boy (that’s Dan or my brothers) allowed to jump at a time. My husband and my three younger brothers managed to collapse the old tramp – I mean, it was old, but yeah – too much weight es no bueno.

Little Kon Bon – Konny Bon? My baby brother Konnor – the man of many nicknames.

Speaking of jumping…

Mom came in to help choreograph a few scenes for Peter Pan.

I got to visit my brother’s dance rehearsal.

Everyone was a little tired from rehearsing all day…but, they pressed on!

Cabool, Missouri has a new ballet school – totally legit! Children’s Ballet of the Ozarks was opened by a family friend, who recently moved to Missouri from Utah and with Cabool already the home of The STARS Foundation (which produces excellent music and theater), Cabool is like, the center of everything awesome here in Missouri…especially for all the youth in the area.

I have this love for vintage photos, which may help you understand why I chose this particular lighting. I dig it!

It’s kind of miraculous this tiny little spot on the American map has so much to offer a community. All it takes, is for someone to take a leap of faith on a dream.

Because building your dreams, just might help others pursue their dreams.







Friends, babies, big pregnant lady, To the Pumpkin Patch!


Last week I took the boys to a farm about 20 minutes outside of town, Peach Tree Farms.


Our LDS Ward (Thank you Brenna for putting things together!) has a regular playgroup and this was one of the few activities that had a cost attached.


Three glorious hours of playtime!


Neither of my boys wanted to go home and if I had not felt so darn tired, I would have stayed a little longer.


I was supposed to meet up with someone later that day, but in the last two weeks I’ve been feeling this third trimester stuff.


Some days I’m on and most days I’m off…


Some nights it’s fruit, cheese and bread or oatmeal for dinner.


Every couple of nights I manage to make a decent meal, but I also manage to play lots of Solitaire on my phone after putting the boys to bed.


Solitaire somehow makes me feel somewhat productive, when I’m being completely unproductive…aside from growing a tiny human.


Most mornings, Wiley comes into my room around 7:45 and tells me, “I want food mom.” I pull myself up and make a good breakfast.


Lately it’s these oatmeal, banana, yogurt muffins.


I’m fairly productive until the baby goes down for a nap and I sit down to rest my feet.


That’s when it happens, again…


Productivity crash.


On days I have energy I use it, on days I don’t have energy – I have to talk myself onto every task.


“Okay, just get up and switch out the laundry and put the dishes away.”

“You need to eat something besides cereal, go steam some broccoli.”


My brain has to sing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to my body, “rising up to the challenge of…my [trials]…”

I need Wiley's next bed to look like this...to keep him in it!!
I need Wiley’s next bed to look like this…to keep him in it!!

Those moments I mindlessly sit on my phone reading the news, I’m also praying to God, “I’m so, so grateful for this new baby, I’m taking a break after this next one…can you please not let me be one of the 1000 or so women who get pregnant on birth control?” Silly prayer? Maybe to you.

This is what he looked like when we pulled into the driveway.
This is what he looked like when we pulled into the driveway.


I got 7 more weeks. I can hold out 7 more weeks.

p.s. Hallelujah for Fall!!!!

Dear Texas, ‘We’ve lost that Lovin’ Feeling.’

As a family, we stayed in south Texas for three weeks.

It was hot – very hot.

The months and weeks leading up to our visit, Danny and I would talk about future plans for him taking a job closer to extended family.  Our children would get to play with their cousins on a regular basis.

Day at the pool can ease the heat...if you get to stay in the water.
Day at the pool can ease the heat…if you get to stay in the water.

Well, we’ve changed our mind.

(Did it get below 100 the entire time we were there? I’m not talking the 89 degrees – with humidity – it dropped to around 9pm)

The first morning we were there, my sister and her kids and Danny with our kids went to the park at 10am.

Baby pool with cousins.
Baby pool with cousins.

It was already so hot, after 10 minutes I had sweat dripping from my face.

Before we left Missouri, in a state of confusion, I insisted Danny pack the double stroller – I wanted to take walks.

That double stroller sat in my sister’s kitchen the entire three weeks – I did utilize it as a clothing/bedding drying rack – no walks were taken.

My nephew.
My nephew, playing a pirate.

The best Internet MEME I saw all summer (posted by Matt M.), “It’s so hot in Texas, I just saw two hobbits throw a ring in my backyard.”

Don't be deceived by this smiling face, this kid turns Hulk in zero to 10 seconds.
Don’t be deceived by this smiling face, this kid turns Hulk in zero to 10 seconds.

I’m grateful for our family who live in Texas, I’m grateful for HEB’s, for really good Latin food on every corner and the awesome people I know who live there…but, we won’t be moving back…ever…if we have any say in the matter.


Our return trips to Texas will be limited to Spring or Fall.

Big pool - Our 'Nona' swimming with the big kids.
Big pool – Our ‘Nona’ swimming with the big kids.

We arrived home in Columbia, Missouri on August 12th at 10:30pm, the temperature outside was 75 degrees. When I drove to my OB appointment at 10:15am on August 13th, I drove there with the windows down, because the weather was so beautiful.

A brother in law was working near by and stopped to eat lunch with us.
A brother in law was working near by and stopped in to eat lunch with us.

Today’s high? 88 degrees F.

So, the weather is nice, my OB said my Cervix was nice and tight (if that is TMI, then remind yourself that this blog is written by a woman, a pregnant woman who went to the hospital a few weeks ago for premature labor) and we have food on our shelves.  There are a lot of people who don’t have enough food to eat.


Life is good.

These two, best friends and best sparring partners.
These two, best friends and best sparring partners.

Special thanks to The Righteous Brothers for penning a catchy song, “Unchained Melody,” that inspired my post and for the movie Top Gun – because it is awesome.

Enough fun, let's get out of the heat.
Enough fun, let’s get out of the heat.

Made for each other…

You know, I can think of a lot of good things that make my husband and I compatible…this post isn’t about one of them.

I’ve learned to cope with hunting season, I enjoy eating deer meat, but I still get the hibbie jibbies around dead animal skin.

Animal pelts…eh.

Out at my parent's, Wiley gets a ride on a backhoe!
Out at my parent’s, Wiley gets a ride on a backhoe!

For years Danny has talked about making a squirrel skin hat for our son Wiley –

yes, I said SQUIRREL skin hat –

and it began while Danny was practicing for bow season (bowhunting). He caught a squirrel on the run with an arrow. He skinned it, cleaned it and tanned it.

Wiley was in LITTLEman heaven.
Wiley was in LITTLEman heaven.

“Where is the salt, Danny?” “What did you do with the baking soda?”

Someone from my church came over to pick something up last Monday and a squirrel skin was tacked up to a board sitting in the sunshine on our front porch…

That’s not the part that grossed me out ya’ll…


“Danny, what did you do with my dish soap?” He comes strolling through my kitchen with “something” inside a large plastic pitcher, which he is about to fill with hot water.

Well, if my kid is going to wear it (GAG!) then it ought to be cleaned.

my parents needed their driveway fixed.
my parents needed their driveway fixed.

It was the sound of the dryer that made me suspicious – my husband doesn’t do laundry – and I hadn’t put in a load.

Happy, happy, happy.
Happy, happy, happy.

The next day I asked him if he put that squirrel pelt in my dryer.

“Yes” he answered, “but I wrapped it in something.”

Later that day I was moving my wet clothes from the washer into the dryer, I opened the dryer and a lone beach towel lay in the bottom.

I pulled the beach towel out and threw it on the ground, it was going to be washed again. “No other women I know has to live like this – sharing their dryers with animal pelts!”

My brother Kamron with Wiley.
My brother Kamron with Wiley.

I’m just lucky, I guess.

I found Danny after I moved the load, I raised my eyebrows, “you wrapped the squirrel in the beach towel, didn’t you?” I stated.

He smiled, “yeah.”

Danny has a beautiful smile.

Turning Straw Into Gold…once upon a time?


I love a good Halloween costume. Oh, I love a good costume any time of year!

I’m so glad there are people out there, like me, who appreciate a good costume – so here’s a few pictures for you!

DSC_0045Around 10:45pm on the 31st some friends stopped by my parents house (where I am currently visiting) to show us their costumes.

I tried to give this photo an icy/chilly look…her skin isn’t normally this blue looking.

They were on their way home from an evening performance (with the STARS Foundation) and called to see if we were home.


BOY, was I glad I was in town! ART work like this must be appreciated.


Their mother Rebecca, (she has a mother load of talents) whipped up these costumes, and spent the morning doing their hair/make-up.


Each girl dressed as one of the characters from the T.V. show Once Upon A Time.

Without reveling too many of her secrets, I can tell you a table cloth, a table place mat, and roughly, a billion safety pins may be involved.

someone please remind me BEFORE I begin taking photos to CHECK my focus!!
someone please remind me BEFORE I begin taking photos to CHECK my focus!!

So, not saying that she took some average girls and made them beauties…

she took some average items and made these beautiful girls into storybrooke characters.

This is just a picture, no teenaged boy was harmed in the making of this photo. Also notice the arrow has no tip.
This is just a picture, no teenaged boy was harmed in the making of this photo. Also notice the arrow has no tip.

Talk about turning straw into gold.

My brother is probably hearing the song "Cupid."
My brother is probably hearing the song “Cupid” by Sam Cook.

Now, I could blame the fact that I had morning full of chores, followed by a long day on the road for some blurry pictures…but, as it turns out, I left the lens on manuel mode and took several pictures before I even looked…

he wishes....
he wishes….

which, for me, is a tale as old as time.

Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!

Our Fourth Of July – Was Pretty Spectacular

I’m making progress…seeing as how this post is only two weeks over due, instead of a month.

Twin Lakes park
Twin Lakes park

I also decided to not to do the dishes – which will probably sit in the sink till after breakfast – to make time to update the blog.

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This year’s Fourth was a very productive day.

Running Man...when he came in to the finish - Wiley was clapping and when Danny didn't see WIley, Wiley started to cry.
Running Man…when Dan came in to the finish – Wiley was clapping and when Danny didn’t see WIley, Wiley started to cry.

It started at 6am – by 7am we needed to be at Twin Lakes park for the Parley P. Pratt Liberty run. I didn’t run, I walked Wiley in the stroller (a mile) and Danny ran the 4 miles.

After our morning at the park, I dropped Danny and Wiley at home and went to the church to help set up for a July 5th wedding – I was put in charge of the table center pieces – I impressed myself.

center pieces anyone?
center pieces anyone?

I’ve never considered myself a crafty person until this year, when I’ve really started to put those skills into use.

It took me two hours to make all (12?) center pieces and I headed home to help make food for some friends that we had invited over for lunch.

After our naps... I still wanted to nap.
After our naps… I still wanted to nap.

After eating, the food coma set in and I couldn’t stay awake – I excused myself to my room for a nap – two hours later I had to wake up and finish a cake for the evening gathering we were invited to.


By this time, I had changed shirts three times (big belly, poor spacial awareness and sheer clumsiness) and I didn’t feel like wearing anything remotely uncomfortable – so I put on the most comfortable pair of sweat pants…


By the time we reached the evening BBQ, I was so tired, I just wanted to sit. I could not have cared less what happened as long as I didn’t have to do anything.

This kid was having the time of his life. But what little guy wouldn't in a Barbie Jeep, with Barbie in the passenger seat?
This kid was having the time of his life. But what little guy wouldn’t in a Barbie Jeep, with Barbie in the passenger seat?

Eventually I put my big girl panties on and walked around with Wiley to make sure he didn’t get into trouble and to take photos.

Amberly took one for me and ran Wiley and her daughter up and down this hill on the coaster ride!
Amberly took (one for me and ran) Wiley and her daughter up and down this hill on the coaster ride! That was very cool of her!

I will say, being as tired as I was, this was probably the most enjoyable Fourth of July I have had in many years.


I know Wiley and Danny had a good time too.

Amberly told me he was laughing the entire way down!
Amberly told me he was laughing the entire way down!

In this life we often have to take the bitter with the sweet.

See the Frumpy Lady in the middle of the photo? That's me, In all my Frumpalicious Glory.
See the Frumpy Lady in the middle of the photo? That’s me, In all my Frumpalicious Glory surrounded by small children with Sparklers (super safe, right?)

So, if I had to do the day all over again – being tired and uncomfortable – I’d do it all over again…to taste of those sweet things.

I took this sunset photo and then I edited it to look this snazzy.
I took this sunset photo and then I edited it to look this snazzy.

Danny then set up the tripod and camera for the fireworks show…and was it a show…like over an hour, no joke.

I know that some people, especially those with PTSD, don’t care for the loud BOOM of fireworks. I respect that and since I never suffered life in a war zone I can’t really understand.


But to me, when I hear fireworks popping and crackling, I imagine those original soldiers who freed the people of America from a tyrannical monarchy.  War isn’t glorious – war is hell – but I feel such a sense of gratitude with each BOOM that created this nation.


Boom – I’m grateful for those men and women who stood up against an overwhelming force.

Boom – I’m grateful to those who signed away their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor and in many cases their families.

Boom – I’m grateful for the Constitution and for the men who gathered at the constitutional convention to write and ratify that document.

Boom – I’m grateful for the safety in which I live today, because of all those who came before me.

Seriously – God Bless America.

Danny really loves taking photos of the moon...who can blame him? Good Night Moon.
Danny really loves taking photos of the moon…who can blame him? Good Night Moon.

A Day Trip…From Three Four Weeks Ago (of course).

Tiny House - just his size!
Tiny House – just his size!

Several weeks ago…I wanted to take a day trip to some church history sites.  We live about 2-2 1/2 hours from some pretty significant sites – for our church – and for our nation.

Our first stop was Independence, Missouri at the LDS visitor’s center to learn about the early saints.

There are many groups of people who were mistreated by the US government – slaves, Native Americans, the Japanese Americans during WWII, to name a few, and the Mormons or early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Replica of Liberty Jail - where Joseph Smith and other men were held 5 months (during the winter months).
Replica of Liberty Jail – where Joseph Smith and other men were held 5 months (during the winter).

Some people didn’t like what those, “mormons” were preaching and they persecuted the members – killed, ran out, antago.


Who were the ‘they’? Oh, “Christians” who didn’t agree with our doctrine.


After Independence and Liberty Jail, we drove north a little further and stopped at Adam-ondi-ahman – The most beautiful and peaceful place – the Garden of Eden.

Turns out I have some family here...Hello Whipples!
Turns out I have some family here…Hello Whipples!

My brother Kaleb, Danny, Wiley and I spent the longest bit of our day wandering the trails of this place.


If Danny and I could buy property right now…it would look a lot like this place.

We took a path off the main trail and I thought it would be a great idea to take a family photo.

Waiting on Kaleb to tell us he is ready to take the shot.
Waiting on Kaleb to tell us he is ready to take the shot.

We were standing on the path maybe two minutes when Dan says, “Kaleb, hurry and take the photo, there are ticks crawling up our legs.”


At this point I look down and I have three ticks crawling up my legs.


I internally seized with terror from the feeling of little nasty ticks climbing my legs – Danny seemed to find it humorous.

Didn't get a real natural look on our faces here.
Didn’t get a real natural look on our faces here. I’m freaking out.

And the moral of this story is “just stick to the marked trail.”

If you zoom in, you can see those buggers.
If you zoom in, you can see those buggers.

I was seven months pregnant, but I ran outta dere.

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This may seem weird, but I hate ticks more than I hate snakes and spiders.

I was scratching myself the rest of the night. Cheese!
I was scratching myself the rest of the night. Cheese!

I’ve been bit by a poisonous snake, so I know what I’m talk’n ’bout people. Ticks are gross and some carry a bacteria that will give you lime disease!!

Wiley was having so much fun exploring, he didn't want to make time for photos.
Wiley was having so much fun exploring, he didn’t want to make time for photos.

Ticks, snakes, spiders, and whatever else may live here… I’d still want a slice of heaven – just – like this place.

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Knowing my husband, and the fact that he talks about buying land at least once a week, I know someday I will.


Until that time in our life comes, we will make it through school together, have more children and do some more exploring together!

A bird? A plane? My brother Kaleb.
A bird? A plane? My brother Kaleb.

I like to live my life from one adventure to the next.

I’m so grateful for my life –

DSCN0519and grateful for my forever family!

Kansas City Temple
Kansas City Temple – Danny took this one.

“So Take The Photographs and Still Frames In Your Mind”



The Green Day song, “Time of Your Life/Good Riddance” came out while I was in high school…it’s amazing how much the brain can retain after all these years.

Anyway, that song came to my mind when I looked through these photos of my son taken at my parent’s house.


I love capturing happy memories. It helps us remember all the good in life.

Look at the cute duck roaming around.
Look at the cute duck roaming around the yard with six dogs.

My older brother Keegan was visiting mom and dad’s the same weekend.

Keegan is really good with Wiley and when they go outside on adventures, that means Wiley has the best. day. ever. and I get some extra duty laundry to do.


I always think a little mud and what not on an outfit is worth the joy that came from putting it there.


The other half of the day’s fun comes when it’s time to wash the greater part of the mud from the shoes and hands.

Awe, quality time with his uncles.
Awe, quality time with two of his uncles.

I can’t keep up with cleaning his finger nails of dirt…he digs in every day.

DSC_0814There is no greater play ground than mother nature – the earth, wildlife…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

not only a play ground, but a classroom!!

Uncle Keeg is getting some practice in what being a dad is like.
Uncle Keeg is getting some practice in what being a dad is like. And that dirty butt? Nothing a little Oxyclean can’t take out.

Two nights ago, Wiley woke up earlier than usual and Dan brought him into our bed.

After a while, Wiley would push the lambs away saying, "shoo, shoo!"
After a while, Wiley would push the lambs away saying, “shoo, shoo!”

I was having trouble getting Wiley to settle down to sleep again.

Hey Guy!
Hey Guy! Those blue eyes! and muddy face. So kissable!

He got quiet and for a minute I thought It was okay for me to go back to sleep.

Those pesky lambs wouldn't leave him alone.
Those pesky lambs wouldn’t leave him alone.

After several quiet minutes, in a very awake voice, Wiley says, “mooooooo” [pause] “cow.”

FInally got him cleaned up - boy did he cry when I brought him in the house.
FInally got him cleaned up – boy did he cry when I brought him in the house.

You can read kids books with pictures, but it makes such a bigger impression to have them actually see and interact with life!!