Here is my New Year’s Resolution: Love


I think there are many times in life we might ask ourselves, “what was the point of going through that, just to have it end?”

My time away from the blog, I’ve been more fully embracing the life I have chosen and living my life to the fullest. So full, I am crashing to bed earlier and earlier each night.

and, I’ve also been experiencing more joy.


So my thoughts come from a place of deep reflection brought on by personal trials (that have turn to triumphs?).

As I knelt – or crumpled – next to my bed last night, wondering to God why some things happen – a thing that brings you joy was abruptly taken away – what was the whole purpose of that?

My question did not come from a place of anger, but a sincere desire to know why.


Here is what I felt after reflection:

When we lose something we love, we should never regret how we loved.

When we choose to fill ourselves with Love, it begets more love.

Bitterness and sorrow begets more bitterness and sorrow.

There have been many things I used to regret in my life.


For the things I can’t change, I will no longer feel regret. For the things that I can change, well, I’m taking the time to turn them around. For many things, it’s never too late, to make a change.

Some of those changes have been inspired by reading. Reading of scripture (which I consider history), and reading of non-scripture world history.


The clarity of my goals came while reading about the Siege of (Leningrad) St Petersburg in 1941 – that lasted 872 days – leading to the death of about a million civilians.

During the siege, a Russian composer by the name of Dimitri Shostakovich (what a fun name to say!!) wrote his Symphony No. 7 – not only did they hold a concert in the physically starved and bombed out city – the concert was broadcast on speakers outside the concert hall to allow those who couldn’t enter the packed building to listen and some directed toward occupying soldiers. As bombs fell, it was the banner of “cultural resistance to atrocity.” (Read more here)

While I don’t wish to create enemies at the gate, it is inevitable that others will choose to make me their enemy – for any manner of perceived wrong (hey, I’m not perfect, but I don’t go out of my way to hurt people).


It comes down to this:

I don’t wish to have enemies. I don’t want to create any, for those who choose to make me their enemy, I choose to not to fuel the flames of anger, but will fan the embers of love and  beauty.

I’m still trying to figure how to do that.

It starts with not arguing, not gossiping, finding something else to put my mind on, and so on, listening better.

This is my new years resolution. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel the desire to reach into my computer screen and punch someone’s face, because on rare occasion, I do feel that way.

Photo by Jewly Ann Photography

However petty I have been up to this day, I am choosing to learn how to be better today and tomorrow in the face of opposition. This is what I have decided to work on, in my small way, to change the world.

The Lonely Mouse 2.0 (16)

To make reading story less tedious, I am just uploading pictures and adding the text (in place of uploading screen shots from the book I had printed).

[feel free to edit this and send it back to me, I don’t hold a degree in english or anything related.]

It’s important to read the story in a proper British accent, as that is how it was written.


“Lloyd P. Mouse spent many happy years traveling the world with his most loyal friend and distant cousin Gerald Hartley – a penguin – though, truth be told, I do believe it was an adoptive relationship, which explains how a mouse and penguin became cousin, but cousins they were.


In between their travels, they enjoyed sitting in Lloyd’s drawing room together. On this particular evening, Gerald was lost in thought, hypnotized by the yellow tassel on his cap, while Lloyd played jazz music at the piano, reminiscing his last adventure in Paris.


Lloyd sighed, “awe, to take one more flight across the Atlantic Gerald!”

Alas, Cousin Gerald told Lloyd his adventures were changing and he had a new adventure awaiting him back home, a nice Lady Hen to share the rest of his life with and eggs to incubate.

Lloyd didn’t quite understand, but walked with his cousin to the train station, and bid him a jolly farewell. “Eggs to incubate!” Lloyd chuckled, “best wishes mate!”


The first week, after Cousin Gerald’s departure, Lloyd took in many of his favorite activities about town:

the library,library

food trucks,tacos

and looking at paintings in the art

A week later, Lloyd was on an airplane to Japan for some solo sight-seeing.


After a summer trip to Japan…

Lloyd returned to Paris, but was still left feeling like something was missing in his life.


Like, like a, a…

A forever family of his own was missing.


Once Lloyd decided it was a family he wanted, he needed to find a nice Lady Mouse.

He first looked at the Pier.


After an hour of searching, he gave up and took his sun burnt ears towards town.

Lloyd popped into a flower shop. He saw a lovely Hedgehog, but she was unavailable, so he continued to browse.


It didn’t take long for Lloyd to see that single ladies were not in the flower shop today, so he left.

“Hmm,” thought Lloyd, “where does one look for good companionship these days?”

He hadn’t made it far out of the shop when he saw signs of distress and hoping to find some beautiful damsel he followed.

The Collie family vehicle had a flat and Mr Collie needed some assistance repairing the tattered tire.


Lloyd made pleasant conversation and forgot entirely about his goal for the day. He enjoyed his visit so much, he offered to help Mr Collie fix the remaining three tires, just for fun.

The Collies graciously declined.

“Lovely family, really.” Lloyd said to himself and smiled as the Collies drove away.

Still smiling to himself, Lloyd was passing the school yard when he heard a whistle blow.

The shrill scream of the whistle grabbed his attention (as a whistle is meant to do) and his turned his eyes toward the source of aforementioned sound.


That is when he saw her.

Clutching her bright red whistle in her soft white foot (because mice don’t have hands, only feet).

Her white fur matched her starched apron. In all the world, Lloyd never dreamed that the local primary teacher would capture his attention like she did. “How would he ever introduce himself?” he wondered.

Another whistle pierced the playground as a second teacher approached Lloyd’s new crush. On the ground lay a kitten yowling. Shouts for more help, while kits, cubs, joeys and the rest of the pupils were hurried inside the primary school.


A volunteer was needed to carry little Murphy Cat home, so Lloyd stepped forward.

As it turned out, the Murphy family lived on the farm that bordered Lloyd’s property, so naturally, he would be an excellent choice to take the fellow home and seeing as school was out and Miss White was his teacher, she would accompany him.

It was to be the shortest walk home that Lloyd would ever take.


Mrs. Murphy Cat was relieved to see her little kitten’s injury would not inhibit his return to school the very next day. Lloyd and Miss White were sent home with a honey cake a piece for their troubles.

As Lloyd only lived next door to the Murphy’s, he did not have far to go.


Which did not hinder him from walking all the way back into town, to see Miss White safely onto her own front porch.

It was only a matter of time before his front door, was also hers.


Every year, they return to where they were married and fall more in love every time they return.

The formerly Lonely Lloyd and the one-time Miss White, whom he now calls Sue, had one baby and then two and before you knew it, had more babies than you or I could ever hope to.


It was a happy life, sometimes smelly and noisy too, but they created it as husband and wife, thus they learned to find joy in the journey with each other, no matter what!


Lloyd never had to find a new travel companion again.


All my backgrounds were taken from flickr and I do not hold the rights to them. I took rudimentary editing skills and put all the characters into this story. I do hold all the rights to this story.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas gift to my nieces and nephews.

Happy Mother’s Day

photo a bit over exposed, but her face, it’s perfection.

Mother’s Day my head was in the clouds…I gave the wrong lesson at church on Sunday in the clouds.


(I gave a lesson that we had already been given…just, wow.)

It all worked out.

working on taking photos in low lighting.

The good news is, you can give the same lesson over and over and over again…

and it’s like a whole new lesson. Us human beings learn great that way.


Line upon line.

Grumpy pants didn’t want to sit in his carseat any more…Can’t say I blame him. But I always get him out last, to help him avoid the temptation to run into the street!

When I called mom to wish her a happy mother’s day, she reminded me that I haven’t given her photographic updates on her grand babies in awhile.

Again, mind in the clouds mom.

Taken in low lighting…wiggly little boy. Not bad. Not sure what he is thinking about, but he’s holding a ball of play dough and a butter knife. 🙂

I’ve been working on improving my photography, because I enjoy taking photos of my children.

I also love having family photos – it is really important to me – and yet it rarely happens.

He was begging me to take a picture of the bear…but I was focusing on his eyes.

To make sure that other moms/families don’t suffer from family photo droughts, I like to be handy with a camera. The few photos I do have on my wall, bring me such joy.

Okay, this was taken with my cruddy cell phone camera, but this kid and food. Hahaha. He’s getting much better.

But, I admit, I got a kick in the pants to pick up the camera again.

My friend who started a dance studio asked me to come down and take photos for her dance classes.

So, in an effort to sharpen my skills, a few families around town were begged to let me take their family photos (there was lots of arm twisting).

In between, I’ve been capturing my wiggly kids.

Thinking of you Mom and Nona – hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.



Naming a child, with your spouse.

Two and a half months. My children all get this look from time to time, I love it.

Dan and I agreeing on a name when I was six months pregnant, was the soonest we decided on a name.

We had driven down to Texas for my sister’s August wedding, so we had ample time to talk names.

On our drive back to Missouri, Danny had his cellphone out and was telling me all the cool bird names he liked (because I really like the name Birdie, and we were trying to find a bird name for awhile).


I smile when I hear ‘Kestrel’…my youngest sister could have been Kestrel.

So, from Houston, TX to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Danny and I tossed names back and forth.  Separately, he and I decided we liked the name Bell, but not as a first name.

Our little family made a really fast stop in Tulsa to stretch our legs and visit a close friend of mine.

My friend Rachel happens to now work at our alma mater, The University of Tulsa. It being August, the football team was in the middle of their two-a-day practices.

So, our brief stop was in the football training room to catch up with Rachel.

As she and I were catching up, one of the long time Orthopedic Doc’s came into the training room and joined our conversation.


I think some things are truly meant to be.

Out of no-where, Rachel says to Dr. M, “So Katie and her husband are having a hard time choosing a name for their baby girl.”

Dr. M has been a long time friend of my mother’s family, so when he got a sparkle in his eye and said, “I know a nice name.” I knew he was going to say, “Adrien.”

Dr. M’s wife died of cancer in her early forties, and I have heard, for many years from my Grandmother, what a lovely and gracious lady she was. He never remarried and adopted The University of Tulsa athletics as his family (in addition to his children).


Rachel and Dr M said how they liked the sound of Adrien (how his wife spelled her name) with our last name.

An hour later, Dan and I back in the truck swapping names again, I asked Danny what he thought of the name Adrien.

He said he liked it!


Dan looked up the origin of the name, depending on where you look, “dark one” or “one who comes from Adria” which makes way more sense to me.

Adria is on the north eastern coast of Italy, sitting on the Adriatic Sea.

Now that Dan is neck deep with research in Water Engineering, it only makes sense that he said, “if we spell it ‘Adrian’ after the body of water.”

And that is how our sweet little Adrian Bell came to be named.

Adrian Bell at three months!

Alert, Smiles all day, babbling, a great sleeper (when she isn’t sick) and trying to get up and walk to keep up with the boys.


“It’s all about the branding.” (feeding toddlers)


Showing me his muscles…

I know a lot of small children hate food, there have been some days we wondered how our oldest child would live with the minuscule amount of food that was being consumed.

(our second child will eat any food placed in front of him and will always swipe a sippy cup that his older brother puts down.)

the second child…eating…in his toy bucket. He does this fairly regularly.

Things started to improve when my husband began calling roasted asparagus “super grass.” If our oldest ate the “super grass” it would give him super speed.

After every stalk, he would run around the house and return wanting acknowledgment on how fast he could run…

I tried to convince him the shirt was on backwards. He wanted to see the picture. (a t-shirt from his Grandad’s ranch). Also, he is very proud of the tower of cans pictured in the background. The boys love stacking cans.

Dinner rolls (he didn’t want to try DINNER rolls until) my husband called them, “spaceship” bread. That’s all it took. Now, we ask if he would like spaceship bread.

“Would you like some butter on your spaceship bread?” – No. okay.

Getting ready to paint with a Christmas gift from his Great-Grandma “Gregre.”

One night, Danny offered Wiley some yogurt laced with fruit jam. This yogurt is so ridiculous good, but since the yogurt is not packaged in a Gogurt tube, Wiley would not touch it.


So, Danny, asked, “do you want some Deto dessert?”

My almost 4 year old made up a word that, to him, is the definition of awesome.

Deto (DE-toh, rhymes with ‘cheeto’).

He started naming all his toy pets, Deto.

Deto was the punchline to all of his knock knock jokes.

His FAVORITE thing in all this world, to eat, is yogurt in a pouch. Here, he fell asleep with an empty one.

My brilliant husband discovered a way in – Deto.

Deto dessert was a hit.

“Do you want any Deto sauce on your spaceship bread?”

Seriously, this kid will try food any. time. it has a cool name.

I’m trying to teach my little cavemen to eat in the designated areas (kitchen/dining). I’ve gone to keeping our couches covered in blankets to keep all the snotty noses off. Hahaha…it’s winter and I’ve got a teether, there is always a snotty nose.

Now, if you are going to label it Deto, you better deliver. You can’t give him a bite of liver and onions and call it Deto Bacon. It has got to be tasty, otherwise you kill the term Deto.

My husband and I were standing in the kitchen one night and I said I could not believe how Wiley responded to the name changes in his food.

Not too picky here, she just wants MILK!!

Danny said, “it’s all about the branding.”

My next dinner casserole? Deto Pie!

May you all have a great Thursday and Deto weekend.


Adrian’s low-key Birth Story.

Last night as a family of four…plus a dog and a(n outdoor) cat.


If you’re looking for excitement, go back and read about the birth of my first child, because this story isn’t all that wild and that’s how I like to keep my labor/delivery from here on out.


My In-laws sent flowers during my last week of pregnancy with a note that read, “Hang In There!”


I was only about 37 weeks pregnant when the pain of carrying this baby became sharp and stabbing…in all the most uncomfortable places.


It’s birth day! 5am go time.


My official due date was November 30th, but the stabbing pains – and convenience of my husband having all of Thanksgiving break off from school – made my decision to be induced an entire week early that much easier.


Nurse Brandy (who reminded me so much of my cousin’s wife! They even kind of look a like). Labor nurse and DJ. 🙂


Anxiously I made arrangements for my two little boys to have safe places to go while I lay in the hospital hooked up to the IV.

The small village of women I know are so fabulous (I was still anxious about not being with my boys all day and leaving them with friends) and I really had nothing to worry about – those boys had a good day and didn’t even notice I was gone.


Birth Day:  Dan stayed with the boys until about 8:45am and then dropped them at a friend’s house. I knew things wouldn’t be that exciting with me until later in the day.


My mom drove into town the night before induction – she and I got about 3 hours of sleep – before we arrived at the hospital at 5am.

Months leading up to the induction, I prayed and prayed for good nursing staff. The nurses can make or ruin a birthing experience. It all hinges on good nurses.


And just like that, I’m at a 7!! By the time I reached 10, I was feeling sick!


Prayers were answered each day of my hospital stay. Each shift, I was blessed with exceptional nursing care.

[I even got the same anesthesiologist from last year! Who I absolutely loved!]

When I’m anxious I tend to be more silly and I requested that my labor nurse have a good sense of humor. Not only did I get the Charge Nurse on the unit, but she was everything I wanted/needed, including an afterbirth DJ.


Praying, meditating, feeling uncomfortable…


What?? Afterbirth DJ?

We named our little girl Adrian.


She is almost here!


She is not named after the character in the movie Rocky, but I do happen to like that movie.

So, throughout the day my mom is giving my siblings the play by play via text message (with photos) of how I’m doing, I said, “mom, as soon as she is born, you need to caption the photo ‘Yo Adrian, WE DID IT!'”


Start pushing, holding Danny’s hand.


That’s when the nurse said, “someone needs to download the Rocky song and play it when she comes out.”

We all laughed, “yeah, that would be funny, good idea.”


Daddy cutting the cord.


Meanwhile, it’s 1 o’clock and I’m still sitting somewhere around 4 to 5 cm dilated and the nurse says I’ll check you again at 3pm.

Ugh. Another long induction.


Cue the music…


Close to 2pm I asked Danny if we could watch a movie on his laptop. He had left the laptop charger at home and asked if he had time to run home and get it. I told him, “yeah, probably.”

The nurse happened to walk in right as Dan was standing up to leave and I asked the nurse to check me again, just in case, because I wanted Danny to run home.


Me and Doctor B. (who kinda looks like a Spooky Dr. B. here…I promise, he is the total opposite of Spooky, I’d recommend him to anyone.)


Well, I was 7 cm dilated and apparently moving fast now. So Danny sat down, nurse got the birth cart ready and paged the doctor.

1o mins later my OB was in my room chatting with us, camped out and not headed anywhere because I was progressing really fast.



Mom had the bed in the sitting position and I was mid conversation with my doctor when I had this overwhelming urge to vomit.

“I think I’m in transition, I feel like throwing up!”

[As Danny would later quote from Wayne’s World, “if you’re gunna spew, spew in this.” picture a Dixie Cup]


The uncomfortable part is over, sort of…


Mom handed me a trash can – doctor gowned up – I did some deep breathing and Danny was rubbing my back.

I didn’t end up spewing – I did end up pushing for less than 10 minutes and out came our little Adrian.


The boys came the next day. Wiley kept saying, “she was in your tummy and you pushed her out?!” After the excitement of the new baby wore off, they climbed on everything, wanted to watch TV and eat my food.


Moments after she was placed into my arms, my nurse played the Rocky theme song from her phone.

It was kind of a perfect moment, within a perfect moment.


She is a golden blonde. You can’t see her eyebrows blonde.


This baby was a lovely surprise.

She is really heavenly, not a crier, loves to sleep all day and eat all night.


For those of you complimenting my post birth look, this is my reality now…puffy, sleepless face. 🙂


Her first four days of life I averaged three hours of sleep each day and it has been worth every sleepless moment.




Working toward World Peace during my adventures in parenting a toddler, plus baby.

Snow days
Snow days

My two year old Wiley has been interesting lately. I understand why some people turn to alcohol…it might make days like today seem more tolerable.

I practiced my skills for patience, long suffering, charity and faith.

He was too excited to look at the camera.
He was too excited to look at the camera.

With each tantrum I talked myself into waiting patiently for the screaming to halt before I spoke, in a soft voice, and resisted the urge to put him in time out.

Time-outs aren’t always the answer; even if it might make me feel better.


What I don’t understand is why my two year old is screaming.

Which got me thinking about people in general.

I think I bribed him with chocolate, or something, to go inside - I was getting cold!
I think I bribed him with chocolate, or something, to go inside – I was getting cold!

What if I started applying the skills I’m learning from being a parent to the rest of the people in the world (maybe I already have…)?

Cleaning the snow from his boots - it's so cute what kids pick up from parents.
Cleaning the snow from his boots – it’s so cute what kids pick up from parents.

What if I was slow to anger, quick to listen, chose love first, resisted the urge to punish, found a replacement to lecture?


I want peace in this time, I want peace now.

Speaking of peace, this kid is the epitome of peace.
Speaking of peace, this kid is the epitome of peace.

Valentine’s Day this year was the end of a very long streak of stresses, illness and emotional burn out…

Valentines was also the day I remembered to find humor in life, because I wanted to be happy.

He just turned 6 months.
He just turned 6 months.

The timing worked out really great, because it was the beginning of a week of blow-out diapers from both children.

Picture me in the store REI, trying to change a diaper (with ‘stuff’ running down Wiley’s leg), I have that ‘stuff’ all over the diamonds in my ring.  There was also ‘stuff’ getting on the floor of the store. Wiley was wiggling around and smearing more ‘stuff’ – I may have said a word that only belongs in a toilet – which my two year old promptly repeated.


That’s when I knew I needed to change, a real change to, my approach in how I faced problems in life.

Wiley got a bath in the REI bathroom sink and I learned to find the humor to our situation. Humor can go a long way in (literally) a crappy situation or any kind of situation.

He was kinda over the picture taking by now.
He was kinda over the picture taking by now.

So, I have had ample opportunities since Valentine’s Day to practice my goal to improve charity, long suffering, patience and faith.

I did not pick up drinking today. I just reminded myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), including smile in the face of opposition.

WHat?? Opposition??

If I can’t achieve peace in the walls of my own home first, then I’ll be hard pressed to make peace in the world.

DIY: Table and chair up-cycle (which I did last year…but my sister wanted the deets).

ah, the other side of the living room. This is right after the dog decided to jump onto and then off of the table - knocking everything off and pushing it closer to the window. Yeah, we have stuff to hang on the window, but I have some sewing to do on it.
ah, right after we moved in and I’m mid-way through my first tri-mester…and I had to look at this all day long from my perch on the couch. I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do with it!

Last year, when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, I decided I couldn’t stand looking at the table anymore.

Our rental house was entirely white trimmed, so we bought white curtain rods to match. I figured my husband and I could give the table a face-lift rather quickly working together.

My well meaning husband tried to hand plane this old piece of pine...leaving craters all over the top of the table. :(
My well meaning husband tried to hand plane this old piece of particle board…leaving craters all over the top of the table. 😦 don’t hand plane old particle board…sanding is about the only thing you can do.

Well, Danny dismantled it and helped me to sand it before the school semester got too busy.

So, after I painted the table, I put wood filler in the craters and sanded it down.
So, after I primed the table, I put wood filler in the craters and sanded it down. I primed table and four chairs.

We started the project in March.

I used a five dollar can of "tester" paint to coat all four chairs.
I used a five dollar can of “tester” paint to coat all four chairs. The LDS sister missionaries, looking for service on a cold March day, helped me to prime the chairs – so I fed them. Good trade, seeing as how we had to eat too!

I got this thing completely finished July 2nd.

Look at the difference in the white paint in the light!!! So much brighter and now it matches the trim in the house!
Look at the difference in the white paint in the light!!! So much brighter and now it matches the trim in the house! This is while I was drying the clear coat of water based polyurethane.

Oh well, I was pregnant.

I got the chair fabric (duck cloth? and vinyl) on sale at Hobby Lobby and stapled the new fabric right over the existing vinyl with quarter inch staples. ($12)

So glad the hard part is over!
So glad the hard part is over!

Where did I get the well loved table? From my sister Klara, who got it free from someone else. I really love this table and won’t be getting rid of it anytime soon; but, I see many more face-lifts in the future!

***I just got around to finishing a quilt I started (and mostly completed) with my mother in law over Christmas 2013. Pictures to follow with the quilt too.

Sacrificing One Life For Another

This is me trying to collect my thoughts. I’m currently feeling overwhelmed neurotic, as some pregnant women feel, and a little bit sad.

Here are some lilies that brighten my messy house.

The constant ups and downs of everyday – feeling good, feeling sick, feeling tired – that have me feeling the little bit sad part.

I feel neurotic because I have a million things on my mind that include: sewing projects, decorating, un-paking all the boxes, organizing, making meals, planning future (way in the future trips), writing letters, writing in my journal, taking photographs, etc…

I’m also feeling nostalgic. I think about family a lot. Family that aren’t here anymore and family I wish I could see more often.

On days I don’t like to get off the couch, I look at photographs. Today, Wiley brought me an album with all his newborn pictures in it…pictures from the delivery, which reminded me that I have a lot to do before the next baby comes.

I have a hard time getting myself to eat regularly – which seems completely ridiculous and totally legitimate all at once to me.

After I order dinner to be delivered to my house (Danny has Scouts tonight and he is the Scout Master…so, you know?), I ate and somehow I felt less hopeless.

After I finished the dishes, it occurred to me that I am sacrificing my life right now – I’m sacrificing the things I want to do – to bring another life into this world.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…(Robert Frost)”

Pregnancy is a choice I made and I ask that you would all bare with me while I live it through it.

This is a temporary neurosis…

A Reunion With Good Food And Good Company

I graduated from the University of Tulsa (a few years ago…..) with a degree in Athletic Training.

I stayed in touch with many of my former professors. I had favorites. One of these professors was Dr. C.  During undergrad, I was the only student to be invited to his wedding…as the babysitter for his nephews, but I was the only student nonetheless.

Graduation Day!
Graduation Day!

One of my favorite memories was when I saw him out at soccer practice one morning and I noticed he was sporting a new mustache.

Me: I don’t like your mustache

Dr C: well, I don’t like yours

Me – frowning/laughing hysterically

Look at this cute girl in the red and white dress!
Look at this cute girl in the red and white dress!

Dr C liked to give the worst tests ever – ‘not only are the first 10 questions of this exam true or false, but if the answer is false, you must correct the statement, followed by a few multiple choice and several essay/short answer questions.’

He also liked to encourage our academic pursuits

Dr C to class during Orthopedic Assessment:

“I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever learn.”

I realized right before the photos that I still had the bun on top of my head - that how I wear it when I cook....
I realized right before the photos that I still had the bun on top of my head – that how I wear it when I cook….

I knew he wasn’t all crusty on the inside when after he overheard my best friend (during lower extremity palpation) say,

Best Friend: “Dang Katie, why are your hands so cold?!”

without looking up from his reading we hear Dr C say:

“cold hands, warm heart.”

So when I heard that he and his family moved within an hours drive, I invited them over for dinner! The last time I met his wife was when they got married – she is a DOLL, seriously cool lady, he really lucked out with her.

And I finally figured out who Dr C’s daughter reminds me of

Cute, right? Halloween idea!! and Dr C can be Gru.
Cute, right? Halloween idea!! and Dr C can be Gru.

Margo from Despicable Me!

Seven years old and she could probably ace the SAT/ACT. What a cutie.

Dr C’s five year old son?

Let’s just say Chuck Norris looks under HIS bed at night for that kid.

It looks like Dr C’s wife A and their cute little girl are as enthusiastic about pictures as Danny is…see the kid in the back? that’s what I’m talk’n bout.

When Dr C and his family piled into their car after dinner and drove away it kinda felt like family was leaving and it would be too long before we got together again.

Thanks for braving the long drive out to the Wanch, see you guys soon.

P.s. just in case you’re wondering who my other favorite professers


Dr P – Program Director


and Dr G, pictured with me and two classmates

DRGand Dave P, who I don’t have a photo of.

These professors taught me everything I know and they somehow managed to maintain their sanity. I’m sure they’re glad I’ve moved on.