Happiness – through working hard.


I can honestly say the last 7 years have been work.

4 moves, 3 children (2 miscarriages), 1 more college degree.

“I’m building a castle mom.”

We could have done things a little differently – I could have put off having babies till I was closer to the age of 40 – I mean, it would have been a lot easier to get my husband through school without kids.


We could have stayed in Texas.

Dan could have avoided extra school all together and just started a career…

Hahaha, we would have taken way more vacations.

More time on the beach, just the two of us.


No diapers, no night time feedings or arguing over who was more tired (Mom or Dad) and which deserved the nap or night away with friends.

It seems we choose to follow Robert Frost and that darned road less taken.


In place of warm naps on a sandy beach, we get warm baby snuggles.

In place of extra vacations, we are saving for a debt-free house.

In place of the Texas economy, we are enjoying lovely Missouri summer evenings and country life.




We are happy.

So, I can say – happiness takes work.

We have earned this happiness.

Happy 7 year Anniversary Danny.


Our Nursery Is Filling Up With Chicks

DSC_1682My mom has been incubating a large group of chicken and turkey eggs the last month and the chickens are hatching (the turkey eggs have about another week before hatching).


My son loves to watch the chicks run around “cheep, cheep, cheep” -ing, it’s educational and entertaining.

DSC_1690He wants to hold them and squeeze them so bad….but, we just let him pet them for now.

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He likes to throw things into the tub that the chicks might like, books, yo-yo’s, things he finds in the trash can, luckily I’m also two steps behind him and no harm is done.

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We hatched a few chickens a few weeks ago and they have already been moved to the barn – but this last batch is the largest that has been incubated. We just need to see these chicks into adulthood – my parents have a dog that LOVES to eat her some maturing chickens….we have devised a solid plan for protecting these new ones.


We have dozens of farm fresh – free range – NON GMO – eggs piling up in our fridge.

DSC_1700When I was in high school, our family owned chickens. We had a few roosters in the bunch and my parents decided to eat two of the roosters. I remember the process entirely.


The slaughter, the plucking, and boiling…. none of which I was actually a part of, but I saw it!!!

DSC_1703I’m still scared and I remember sitting at the dinner table staring down at my bowl of rooster noodle soup and I couldn’t eat it. I just couldn’t. It’s like, eating the family dog.

DSC_1706I knew them since they were babies for goodness sake! They were so cute. Some how, I don’t have that feeling toward the cows that we butcher, maybe because the cows annoy me more?

DSC_1707I wont eat you little guy…I mean, I don’t plan to eat you.