Education In Our House Lately

I have been worried about making sure that Wiley grows up to be intelligent. As a mom, am I doing everything I need to, to ensure his future education, by exposing him to the learning he needs??

A little morning music, with a Russian influence. He's watching Anastasia.
A little morning music, with a Russian influence. He’s watching Anastasia.

I’ve seen these really cool things on Pinterest for helping your child develop his motor skills, increase brain function – blah, blah, blah.

Those things are really important, but sewing ten different zippers onto a piece of fabric is just, like, way too much effort for me.

He loves music - most types - I tried to keep him well rounded.
He loves music – most types – I try to keep him well rounded.

See, I just let my son open all the zipper pockets in my diaper bag (which happens to be the Blowfish model of a Camelbak – and it has lots of zippers) multiple times a day.


He pulls everything out of the pockets, eats four sticks of gum and spits them out, unscrews all my lip glass and lotion tubes, opens all the zip lock baggies of snacks and I don’t mind…mostly.

Motor skills, he's getting really good.
Motor skills, he’s getting really good.

I really try to discourage (confiscate) the gum chewing and eating of toothpaste (yes, I keep a small tube of toothpaste with me at all times!! along with dental floss).

Take out the CD/DVD, put them back. Take them out, put them back.
Take out the CD/DVD, put them back. Take them out, put them back.

Last week, he found some essential oils, inside the diaper bag, inside a pocket, inside another small bag.

Ah, another song is on.
Ah, another song is on.

He opened five bottles of essential oils – dumped two out almost entirely on my bedding – rubbed some on his face and put some in his mouth. (NONE were toxic or harmful to his body)


What a clever, clever little guy.

He also knows how to find markers of the permanent sort.


No need to build a “sensory” play bucket for him to play with…this kid always has dirt under his finger nails from digging in the dirt and spends enough time in the bath for water play.

I figure, he’ll turn out all right, we read books together…


Homeschool Isn’t Always Done In The Home

The majority of my three years (3rd – 5th grade) in homeschool were spent in and around the home. My mother introduced me to David Copperfield and Atticus Finch. It was my mother who taught me the joys of reading. Before being brought home to be schooled, reading felt like work to me. Until my mother read aloud books that resonated with me, I could never understand why anyone would enjoy reading.

Field trip to Washington D.C.
Field trip to Washington D.C., one of many – because there is so much to see. Also (sadly) full of homeless men and women….trees strung with sleeping bags.

Then my mother, with her education in nursing, helped me appreciate the human body – it’s function, intricate design and purpose. I drew the outline of my tiny ten year old frame and proceeded to draw the entire nervous system.

Museum Of National History, Washington D.C.
Museum Of National History, Washington D.C.

My mom wanted to learn as much as she wanted her children to learn – so it only worked out too well, that she brought us to some of the most interesting places within a days drive to our home.

Baltimore Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland.
Baltimore Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland.

We lived in Pennsylvania at the time, so visits to Lancaster to see and mingle with the Amish, Philadelphia to see the historic place where our Nation’s government was framed, Washington, D.C. our Nation’s capital full of museums and other historical sites, Baltimore, Maryland and it’s aquarium (love, love),¬†and nearby Harrisburg to see our state capital. We even made the trip to New York to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Touching pool
Touching pool at the Baltimore Aquarium

The summer before sixth grade, my mom asked me if I wanted to continue home school or return to public school. I love adventure and new things, so of course I jumped at the chance to start something new.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Capital Building.Circa 1992, love the clothes? I didn't design jeans with pleats, I just had to wear them!
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Capital Building.
Circa 1992, love the clothes? I didn’t design jeans with pleats, I just had to wear them!

I had to ride the bus – the only time in my life I had to ride a bus – the longest semester of my life. I saw vulgar things on the bus, things I know any good parent would die knowing existed and the few children on the bus who had been taught manners – seemed to congregate with one another. Gratefully, my brother’s friend Lisbon, always made me feel safe on the ride to and from school.

Meeting the State Representative from our district.
Meeting the State Representative from our district. I think we’re all thrilled to be up so early in the morning….NOT. Isn’t my mom a cutie?

I ended up staying in public school the rest of my education, until I attended university and graduated from a private school.

With all of my education and experience in life, I may homeschool my children too.