First Day of Kindergarten for both of us.

I asked for a group shot on the front porch…Ty took off, Wiley turned around and Adri just listening to her music…

Monday was meet the teacher, which Danny and I took him to. Wednesday I took all three of the kiddos up to the elementary for Wiley to be evaluated. Part of the reason teachers do that is to get that one-on-one time between new pupil and new teacher, building the relationship. It also gives the teacher a baseline for where he is right now in his education. Come parent/teacher night, she’ll be able to show mom and dad some quantitative evidence of his growing knowledge!

Wiley is so intellectually curious, I’m thrilled to have Mrs. S help supplement his education, while I parent the two littles. Wiley is also very social, so now I wont be responsible for entertaining him everyday. Already my sanity is improving.

All buckled up and ready to go!

Back in the spring when I told him about starting school in August, Wiley told me he didn’t want to go to school. I told him he would love it!! All summer we talked about school and I let him¬†pick out his own clothes, backpack, lunchbox – all in effort to get this guy excited about school. Learning is fun, school is fun!!

Last night, I checked and double checked that Wiley’s backpack met the teacher’s checklist (towel for nap time, spare clothes for potty accidents)…

Kindergarten today – it was an early start 5:50 for mom, 6am for baby girl who heard mommy and Tyler soon followed. Wiley finally surfaced around 6:30.

Lunch was made, mommy got Wiley to eat something for breakfast while he stared blankly from his perch on the couch.

Wiley – “I’m not going to school if you don’t let me watch the show I want.”

Mom – “I’m sorry buddy, no TV before school, but would you like some chocolate milk to drink?”

Wiley – enthusiastic nodding

I had all four of us (mom, three kids under five years) dressed and in the car by 7:18am.

The car drop-off line was a tad hectic, but I knew it was just first day of school issues.

Kindergarten parents have the luxury (on day 1) of parking right in front of the office and walking their kids into their classroom. With overcast skies and cooler temperatures, I felt very comfortable leaving my two littles in their carseats for the 8 minute round trip walk to Wiley’s class.

With less gusto in his walk than yesterday, Wiley held my hand into Mrs. S’s room. I helped him put his lunchbox and backpack where they belong and walked him to his new desk!!

He wasn’t crying, he stood nervously next to his desk and I hugged him really tight, told him, “I love you so much, you’re going to have the best day!” Mrs. S came over and took over. I said ‘bye’ and headed toward the door, I turned around one last time and saw two little boys sitting at the first table inside the door, one spoke to the other, “do you want to be my friend?” I smiled, one last glance at Wiley taking a seat at his table. I knew this was going to be a great day for my little guy. I hurried to the nearest exit and sprinted down the sidewalk to my parked van.

The two babies were still listening to music on my phone (DJ Adri on duty). I sat in the drivers seat and my heart felt swollen, I resisted the urge to cry, a smile cropped up – ear to ear – on my face and I knew everything was going to be great for me too.



I took the babies to the Post Office (closed till 9am), so I drove over to the Library (closed till 9am) – what the?! We went to a grocery store to kill time before the opening of the library.


Meeting up with friends (Adrian now being the same age that Wiley used to be when he and I met up with our friends Tina and Haylee for library play!!)!

Followed by lots of outside playtime. Before I knew it – it was time to load the van again to go get our Wiley-man!

The carline for pick up ran much more smoothly than drop-off.

I was so excited to see how his day went – Mrs. S walked him to the curb where I waited and I squealed, “Wiley, how was your day?!”

Wiley burst into tears, “I wanted to take the bus home!!” ¬†hahahahaha

His largest complaint is the time to eat lunch is too short…on a side note, Wiley was telling jokes at lunch. (While eating his grapes, “ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!!” Dan and I asked if anyone laughed, “no.”) hahaha.

He didn’t want to talk much about his day, but I knew he just needed to chill awhile. By the time daddy got home from work and started asking Wiley about his school day, Wiley was really excited to share all about class, “and you know what my teacher said? She said to come back tomorrow!!”

Finishing lunch!

So, with mom and dad’s excitement, Wiley feels excitement too.

The first day of school was followed by a date night – to the waste water treatment plant – because nothing says true love quite like taking a tour of the place where your poopy-water gets cleaned. I do however now know how that happens. I am grateful for engineers!!

The aerators help boost the bacteria that love to eat our ‘waste’

If anyone is curious about fun facts, please send me or Danny a Direct Message.

Learning is fun.




I Had A Cookie Problem, But I’m Better Now

Just wanted to begin by saying for the last week or more, I have NOT been able to upload any photos to my blog – super frustrating, right?

two days ago the only photo I could upload was this camel


I thought, “progress” and for two more days – nothing.

Apparently, I had a ‘cookie’ problem.

"whoooo me?" yeah, I'm talking about you slick.
“whoooo me?”
yeah, I’m talking about you slick.

Now, I’m going to show you some photos from the St Louis Zoo.

Dan had a job to do in St Louis and I’m a stay at home mom of one small child, so obviously when my husband’s job requires a three hour drive for a one hour job, we are going to make a day trip out of it.

What a peaceful spot
What a peaceful spot

A free trip to St Louis and all I had to do was wait around a hotel, riding elevators and climbing stairs over and over again. Thank goodness the hotel had waterfalls.

The Zoo was awesome (if that's what you're into...)
The Zoo was awesome (if that’s what you’re into…)

The weather was sunny and in the lower 70’s (F).

I couldn’t have asked for better temperatures during our around the world tour.

Here is Danny wondering why I have to take a photo of everything.... just be glad I don't post all the photos I take.
Here is Danny wondering why I have to take a photo of everything….
just be glad I don’t post all the photos I take.

A four hour tour.

Mister, Mister, let me outta here!!!
Mister, Mister, let me outta here!!!

We all loved the Lemurs, they where hopping all over their habitat and one seemed to want to hang out with us.


Or it could be because I married Dr Doolittle….

Snake House (I can't remember the scientific name for it).
Snake House (I can’t remember the scientific name for it). Oh, duh, Reptiles.

Dan loves animals and if I didn’t say ‘no’ to every animal he wanted to bring home, I’d be living in my own zoo.

Tame monkeys, observing the wild monkeys.
Tame monkeys, observing the wild monkeys.

Until I met Dan, I didn’t know there were websites dedicated to turtles and turtle breeders.

The only animal that Wiley was scared of were the Hippos
The only animals that Wiley was scared of were the Hippos

The cool thing about the type of people who scour the internet looking at websites dedicated to turtles is they are the type of people to read up about all sorts of things, not just turtles.

Surfs Up!
Surfs Up!

Danny knows a lot about a lot of things.

I felt like I had my own private “tour with the Keeper”, every exhibit Dan would impart some interesting fact about the animals.

"hey Dan, take some photos with me and the baby."
“hey Dan, take some photos with me and the baby.”

Can you tell the difference between African and Asian elephants?

someday, maybe there will be a photo with me and my son looking at the camera in the same photo.
someday, maybe there will be a photo with me and my son looking at the camera in the same photo.

It’s the ears – African elephants have bigger ears?

Dan told me that.

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I had too many favorite exhibits, I honestly can’t wait to go back.

Did I mention the St Louis Zoo is free?

Because it is.