Motherhood: resisting the urge to feel like a failure

Yesterday my two year old tested my love for him…

WHO? Me?!
WHO? Me?!

He didn’t sit in time out for stealing gum from my purse and eating half the pack.

He didn’t sit in time out for accidentally knocking over a cup of water next to the library books.

He didn’t sit in time out for taking my phone out of my purse and getting on Youtube without my knowing.

He didn’t get time out for tearing up my fancy bar of soap during bath time.

Beautiful Boy!
Beautiful Boy!

Hey, sometimes things happen…


He screamed in my ears, tried multiple times to hit me, bit me, threw things, hit his new little brother…

Don't hit me, I'm cute!
Don’t hit me, I’m cute!

I can’t keep him out of the fridge while I nurse his baby brother…

Wise man?
Looks to me to be a future philosopher!

He sat in his Time Out chair more times than I can remember.

Although he did get his ear flicked a number of times, I resisted the urge to spank “the tar” (as we say in the south) out of him.

Somehow I managed to do the dishes, get the oil changed in the truck, get some laundry washed and a little organizing done – all while battling the two year old.

Tyler Newborns-3

It was after he went to bed (early) that I did a second round of dishes, tired and trying not to cry, I resisted the urge to feel like a failure.

Failure is not an option.
Failure is not an option.

After all, the two year old still said, “I love you” today and gave me hugs and stroked my face while I sang him songs before bed.

Tyler Newborns-5

It was doing something mundane, like dishes, that allowed me to reflect on several talks given at the General Women’s Meeting this past Saturday evening.

The work of mothers, child caregivers, is not for the faint of heart. It is work and it is the best work we can do as a society – raise up the next generation. Those children will learn life’s coping skills from us!

Tyler Newborns-6

My children will know they are loved, regardless of the choices they make.

Tyler Newborns-9

My children will know what is right and wrong, because I taught them myself and tried to show them in my actions.

Tyler Newborns-12

They will learn weaknesses too, because I am weak, but they will also learn to be forgiving; because we are all weak and in need of forgiveness.

Tyler Newborns-13

Don’t give up the fight, because we are doing a great work!

Tyler Newborns-14

photos were taken by my friend Jewly Ann, who takes newborn and maternity photos!