Education In Our House Lately

I have been worried about making sure that Wiley grows up to be intelligent. As a mom, am I doing everything I need to, to ensure his future education, by exposing him to the learning he needs??

A little morning music, with a Russian influence. He's watching Anastasia.
A little morning music, with a Russian influence. He’s watching Anastasia.

I’ve seen these really cool things on Pinterest for helping your child develop his motor skills, increase brain function – blah, blah, blah.

Those things are really important, but sewing ten different zippers onto a piece of fabric is just, like, way too much effort for me.

He loves music - most types - I tried to keep him well rounded.
He loves music – most types – I try to keep him well rounded.

See, I just let my son open all the zipper pockets in my diaper bag (which happens to be the Blowfish model of a Camelbak – and it has lots of zippers) multiple times a day.


He pulls everything out of the pockets, eats four sticks of gum and spits them out, unscrews all my lip glass and lotion tubes, opens all the zip lock baggies of snacks and I don’t mind…mostly.

Motor skills, he's getting really good.
Motor skills, he’s getting really good.

I really try to discourage (confiscate) the gum chewing and eating of toothpaste (yes, I keep a small tube of toothpaste with me at all times!! along with dental floss).

Take out the CD/DVD, put them back. Take them out, put them back.
Take out the CD/DVD, put them back. Take them out, put them back.

Last week, he found some essential oils, inside the diaper bag, inside a pocket, inside another small bag.

Ah, another song is on.
Ah, another song is on.

He opened five bottles of essential oils – dumped two out almost entirely on my bedding – rubbed some on his face and put some in his mouth. (NONE were toxic or harmful to his body)


What a clever, clever little guy.

He also knows how to find markers of the permanent sort.


No need to build a “sensory” play bucket for him to play with…this kid always has dirt under his finger nails from digging in the dirt and spends enough time in the bath for water play.

I figure, he’ll turn out all right, we read books together…


Where In The World Is Life Gone Rural?

Good To See You!
Good To See You!

I feel like it’s been months since I picked up the laptop to blog, maybe it has only been a week, I’m not sure – Mom World is an alternate universe where time doesn’t exist – it’s good to be back.

I have been finishing some UFO (un-finished-objects) in my sewing pile, taking care of a teething baby, giving weekly voice lessons to some cute teenaged girls, and lately church “business” has kept me on my toes.

Last weekend (April 26 and 27) our new LDS Chapel held an Open House to the public….so as the early morning seminary teacher I decided to put together a trifold poster to let people visiting the new chapel know what LDS Seminary is.

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Seminary is a special program for youth to study the scriptures daily. This year we have been studying the New Testament. I was a bit intimidated by the Book Of Revelation before we started, but I am learning so much!

I hope the students can say the same.

So much fun
So much fun

We have early morning classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from

DSC_1623Wednesday’s class is held at 5pm and has additional students who travel into town for Wednesday night youth activities.

I love teaching seminary and I wish I had taken better advantage of this program as a youth, oh well….we pick up where we are and do better.

Seriously, No Greater Call!!
Seriously, No Greater Call!!

Today is Wednesday, therefore my day off. I missed ya this morning, but I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!