Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniver…

Back to where it happened, the Sealing for Time and Eternity.
Back to where it happened, the Sealing for Time and Eternity.

Remember that movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer”? (“stay for a night cap!!!”). I remember that movie…. Mike Meyers, before he was Shreck, was writing beatnik poetry about girls he used to date, “she stole my heart and my cat,” reading The World News and dusting off his wall with the Scottish Hall of Fame. ¬†Yesterday, the two year anniversary of my wedding day, while cleaning the house I kept singing in my head over and over (to the William Tell Overture?), “Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaappy Anniversary….Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary, Happy Happy – SHUT IT!” Which of course, is from the movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer.” ¬† Cool Story.

Life is good
Life is good

I did not marry an axe murderer, thank goodness.

not an axe murderer, but an avid fisherman and hunter.
not an axe murderer, but an avid fisherman and hunter.

Last year my husband was backpacking the day/week of our first wedding anniversary, this year I was visiting with my sister. We are headed to Costa Rica in two and a half weeks, so I think that will be celebration enough….for the last two years and the next two years….because in three years, we’re going to Disney World – I hope. For some reason I’ve never been to Florida (EVER!!!), my dad was born in Orlando and I have had this tickle – intense tickle – to go to Florida for some time now. Not in the summer, but a winter stay in Florida sounds lovely.

Out on an uncle's lake, showing our son how to make a good catch.
Out on an uncle’s lake, showing our son how to make a good catch.

I have a short list of places I NEED to visit in the next five years….we don’t seem to have a million dollars in our checking account, so we shall see how that works out.

Fishing is also a good time to talk about life….

United Kingdom, how I love you and want to see you again (and again)

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Australia/New Zealand you are on the tippy top of my list of places to go.

Hey there good look'n...look at the camera...
Hey there good look’n…look at the camera…

Hawaii why do you feel so out of reach? You are part of the same United States that I live in. I must come see you.


Germany, my dad has told me so many good things about you. I love German products, is there anything that you make that is not good? I don’t think so.


Oh Canada, our neighbor to the North, I want to see Vancouver and Toronto (and the beauty in between). Someday, Someday we shall meet. When, I ask?

Woman with cameras should not come fishing....
Women with cameras should not come fishing….

I can’t pick just one Island in the South Pacific, but since my husband was assigned a school assignment on Samoa, I have wanted to spend some time in Polynesia.

he tossed this guy back
he tossed this guy back

What are the odds of me being able to see all these wonderful places?

This is my short list of places to visit soon. Which means I need to live a long time, so my husband and I can visit all the places on my long list.


Happy Happy Anniversary Daniel, the best gift we ever received is our funny little boy. Thank you for your love, your time, your patience and for letting me tote my camera everywhere with us.